February Summary

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Today I will be talking about the horrible reading month I had this February 2016. Okay, it was not all horrible but I did not read as much as I wanted to. So at the start of the month I started reading Landline by: Rainbow Rowell. I decided to listen to the audiobook while reading the book, which might have been a bad choice. I only read a little over one hundred pages before I decided to give up on the book. Landline was not a page turner for me, I was not enjoying it. Now I am not sure if it was because of the way the person reading the audiobook read, or just because I was not feeling the story.

From what I did read there were a few things that I did enjoy and other things that I did not. For one, I loved Noomi the youngest daughter she was so adorable. I also enjoyed Seth he was really funny unfortunately from what I read that was the only things that I did enjoy. What factored into me not liking the book were a few things. One, I did not like Neal the husband he was not a fun character. Two, it seemed too slow paced for my liking, also what was up with all the flashbacks? I understand that they were set to set up the plot line but I felt there was too many and it was taking too long to get to the point. When I first started I really wanted to know more about the magical phone but after reading about 115 pages I started to ask myself “ do I really care how it worked? Do I really want to know if Neal and Georgie work out their marriage?” Turns out that I did not care anymore. I completely lost interest in actually reading it myself. If you have read this book you can let me know your thoughts and how it ended up working. If you are going to put spoilers in the comments say it first so that others do not get spoiled if they have not read the book yet.

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Sailor Moon Book Tag

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A few weeks ago I was watching some youtube videos and I found a video for a Sailor Moon book tag. I thought wow this is awesome I should answer the questions for this tag on my blog. The person that created this tag is StarDustPanda on youtube, so check out her original video of the tag. When answering these questions I answered with books I have actually read. I felt like I was cheating if I said a book that I have not read and don’t even own. Hope you enjoy, now on to the questions!

Inner Planets: 

1) Sailor Moon : Name a book with a lost princess.


A:  Cinder by Marissa Meyer 

2) Sailor Mercury: Name a book with a doctor in it.


A: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by: Ken Kesey

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Library Book Haul

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So on wednesday I took a trip down to the library with my friend Carleny  who is also a book blogger.  Usually I borrow one or two books but not that day. There were so many good books available I just had to get them. Not having to place any books on hold um yes please! I ended up taking out 7 books, that is the most I have borrowed at one time. My thought “if i can’t read them all by the time they are due I can just renew them, if not there is no harm done.”  I have been on a book buying ban and I realized that I get the same excitement that I get when I buy books by just borrowing them. Yes I know you can’t keep them but it beats buying a book and then finding out that you don’t like the book. Now lets get to the books that I got.

  1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by: Laini Taylor
“She had been innocent once, a little girl playing with feathers on the floor of a devil’s lair. She wasn’t innocent now….”

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