BookTube-A-Thon TBR

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For the second year, I will be participating in BookTube-A-Thon which is a readathon that will be happening from July 30th-August 5th. Down below you will see the reading challenges and the books I will be reading for those challenges. Hope you enjoy!

Reading Challenges

1/ Let a coin toss decided your first read.

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Book Series I Have Not Finished

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  I have a question for you, have you ever read the first book in a series and then months maybe even years later you have yet to finish the rest of the books in that series? Well, that may have happened to me one or a few times. So, this post will be on book series that I have started a while ago and still have not finished. Now, let’s get into this list!

1) Divergent by Veronica Roth   IMG_8652 

    I read Divergent back in 2014 then I read Insurgent in 2015, I really enjoyed both books. Now, with Allegiant I started it in 2016 and never finished it. Honestly, I was spoiled on the ending of Allegiant so that was part of why I didn’t finish it. As well as I just lost interest in the story. At this point in time, I have no plans on finishing Allegiant. Continue reading “Book Series I Have Not Finished”

March Summary and Coming Up in April

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    This post is going to be all about what I read in March and what I plan on reading in April. Sadly I did not read much in March so because of that my April TBR is going to be on the small side just so I don’t feel overwhelmed and feel like I need to rush to finish all the books before the month is up. Okay, let’s just get into the books.

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February Summary and Coming up in March

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    In this post, I will be discussing all the books I read in February and everything I plan to read in March. I think I had a decent reading month in February. So I am excited to share with you all, all my thoughts. Now on to the books!



1) Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodgefullsizerender-jpg

      I started Cruel Beauty in January and was able to finish it in February. This book was okay. There were a lot of times while reading, that I really did not know what was happening. If certain things were explained more I feel that this book would have been a four or five-star book. Continue reading “February Summary and Coming up in March”

June Summary and Coming up in July

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Todays post will be on what bookish things I did in June, then I will be going into my plans for July. So lets get started!

Books Read


In the mouth of June I was finally able to finish reading Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. Glass Sword is the second book in the Red Queen series. I really enjoyed reading Glass Sword, the first half was a little on the slow side for me but after that it picked up and it got really good! I have spoiler free review and a review with spoilers for Glass Sword. So check those out if you want to know all my thoughts on the book.

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February Summary

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Today I will be talking about the horrible reading month I had this February 2016. Okay, it was not all horrible but I did not read as much as I wanted to. So at the start of the month I started reading Landline by: Rainbow Rowell. I decided to listen to the audiobook while reading the book, which might have been a bad choice. I only read a little over one hundred pages before I decided to give up on the book. Landline was not a page turner for me, I was not enjoying it. Now I am not sure if it was because of the way the person reading the audiobook read, or just because I was not feeling the story.

From what I did read there were a few things that I did enjoy and other things that I did not. For one, I loved Noomi the youngest daughter she was so adorable. I also enjoyed Seth he was really funny unfortunately from what I read that was the only things that I did enjoy. What factored into me not liking the book were a few things. One, I did not like Neal the husband he was not a fun character. Two, it seemed too slow paced for my liking, also what was up with all the flashbacks? I understand that they were set to set up the plot line but I felt there was too many and it was taking too long to get to the point. When I first started I really wanted to know more about the magical phone but after reading about 115 pages I started to ask myself “ do I really care how it worked? Do I really want to know if Neal and Georgie work out their marriage?” Turns out that I did not care anymore. I completely lost interest in actually reading it myself. If you have read this book you can let me know your thoughts and how it ended up working. If you are going to put spoilers in the comments say it first so that others do not get spoiled if they have not read the book yet.

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