I Love Lucy Book Tag [Original]

Hello there!

Last week I posted a video on the I Love Lucy Book Tag I created and I decided to post the questions here. I will link the video down below so you can see what my answers were. 



  1. Lucy– A book character that you find really funny.
  2. Ethel– A book character that gets roped in their bff’s shenanigans.  
  3. Fred– A book you got a really good deal on.
  4. Ricky– A book that you have read or want to read in a different language.
  5. Little Ricky– Favorite or cutest little kid in a book.
  6. Mrs. Trumble– A character or book that you didn’t like but then grew to love.


  1. Lucy and John Wayne– A book where a plan backfires.
  2. Lucy’s Italian Movie– Your favorite book to movie adaptation or a book to movie adaptation you are looking forward too.
  3. Lucy Does a TV Commercial– A book that gave you a book hangover.
  4. Job Switching–  A character that thought the grass was greener on the other side.

Let me know what your favorite I Love Lucy episode is in the comments.

Until next time book nerds,

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