Book Monologue #9: War Storm by Victoria Aveyard

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In this post, I will be talking about all my thoughts on War Storm by Victoria Aveyard the last book in the Red Queen series. This review will have spoilers so if you want to read my spoiler-free review you can go here → War Storm Spoiler Free.

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Now on to the review!

Like I said in my spoiler-free review I felt that the first 200 pages were dragging and I was just there waiting for the action to start. I like fast-paced books so it just took so much for me to get through this book. Once the story started to pick up I did really enjoy this conclusion novel. It went places that I didn’t expect it to which is good because it makes it unpredictable.

Let’s talk about certain characters, I am going to start with our main character Mare. Okay, was it just me or was it super annoying when Mare decides she can’t call Cal Cal anymore so she starts calling him Tiberias. I was sitting there like really Mare? I think it bothered me because she kept mentioning it the first few chapters. It was also very frustrating how Mare and Cal were so angry and wouldn’t talk to each other and just try to figure things out. They are both very stubborn and it is hard for them to try and see things from each other’s perspectives. They both had their reasons for the choices they made but I feel like they aren’t open-minded to try an understand each other.

Now, I will go into Maven, oh Maven. When I first saw that there were chapters in Maven’s point of view I was a little afraid of what they will contain because like Iris said “I won’t ever make the mistake of trying to put myself in his head. That is not a place any sane person should be.” That said I was so happy that we got a glimpse into his head because I feel that so much was learned about him. From the first chapter in his pov, I felt so bad for him because even though his mom is dead her whispers are still in his head controlling him. Also, him having memories of Cal but can’t remember that he did love him is so sad. Maven’s mother took that away from him and I felt so much for him.

A little about Evangeline. I am so glad that by the end she was about to stand up to her parents and make her own choices and I really do hope that she and Elane made it to Montfort and are happy finally being together.

One of the things that I love about this series is the fact that it touches on real-life issues B41A33B9-7CC7-478C-8D66-68DD67819946in a unique way. The main issue is being racist but in this case, instead of a persons skin color, it is the color of their blood. The way that some silvers see Reds is just disgusting and I can’t believe that they actually believe these things.Just how now there are still racist people and they think the exact way that silvers do. I will give you guys some quotes from War Storm ( there are others is the other books):

“ You’re not our equals, no matter how much you try to be. That is nature.” – Volo Samos

“ Rats don’t change” – Anabel. Just the fact that she called Reds rats I was like “Woah seriously?!”

From one of Maven’s chapters, we learn why the Silvers send Reds to the war and I was as the kids say “shook” at what Maven said:

“Our war with the Lakelands served a purpose. Reds outnumber us. Reds can overthrow us. But not if they die in greater numbers than we do.”

Maven then goes on to talk about how that is why they sent the Reds to war. So that a lot of Reds could die at once and they won’t outnumber the silvers, therefore, them not being able to overthrow the silvers. Basically, they caused all those deaths just so they can ensure that they remain in power. Crazy right?

Now, let’s talk about that ending because wow! That ending! I didn’t think that Maven will end up dying. I was hoping that they will find a way to fix him from the damage that Elara caused. Maven did not choose to have his mind manipulated and cause all this destruction and death. His mind has been manipulated so much that I don’t even think he knows who he truly is or is able to make his own choices. He does try to fight it but the grip that Elara has on his mind is just that strong even when she is dead. I also thought it was a good choice to have him killed with no magic since Mare and Maven were in a room surrounded by silent stone.

Once all the dust settled at the end I was a little surprised that Mare and Cal were not together at the end and I was a little disappointed that they weren’t but I do understand why Mare did that and I think it was very strong of her to make that choice:

“Let me figure out who I am now.” “ Not Merena, not the lighting girl. Not even Mare Barrow. But whoever came out on the other side of all this. He needs space too, whether he IMG_2769can admit it or not. We need to heal. Rebuild. Just like this country, and the rest that might follow.” – Mare 

Also, one of the things that I didn’t see coming is the fact that Jon (the seer) is the person that caused Kilorn’s master to fall off the ladder and die causing the course of events that lead to everything that happened in these four books! Did you guys see that coming? I certainly didn’t. 

Overall, I thought this was a good conclusion to a series but this isn’t my favorite in the series. Let me know what you thought of War Storm and your overall thoughts on this series.


Until next time book nerds,

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