Oh My Fairytales: As Old as Time by Liz Braswell

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This post is going to be on my thoughts of As Old as Time: A Twisted Tale by Liz Braswell. The A Twisted Tale series takes the Disney movies that we love and adds a twist to it to make it different. In this book it Liz Braswell retells the story of Beauty and the Beast and asks the question ” What if Belle’s mother cursed the Beast?”.  I have been wanting to read this book ever since it came out in 2016! Finally, I got my hands on a copy and I will tell you what I thought about this new tale as old as time.

I will start off by saying that Beauty and the Beast (1991) is my favorite movie. Not my favorite Disney movie, not my favorite animated film but my favorite movie period. I have read a few Beauty and the Beast retellings and I have not found one that I have absolutely loved. I think I have such high standards that I haven’t found a Beauty and the Beast retelling that just blew me away. That being said As Old as time came pretty close to it but it ended up not being what I hoped it would be. 

What I did enjoy about As Old as Time is for one the twist was an interesting take. Also, I loved that we got the backstory for Maurice and Rosalind ( Belle’s mother). At first, I didn’t really like the back and forth between the present and the past but then I grew to understand that those moments in the past was very important to the story. I did end up really enjoying seeing the sequence of events that took place before the curse. I also really enjoyed seeing the similarities from the movie, for example, the prologue and just some of the lines that were said in the movie. I also feel that it had some influence from the live action film. IMG_0891

Let’s talk about characters, first I loved that the Beast had more depth to him. There was more to him in this book which was fun to read. One major thing I appreciate is that the Beast was not given a human name. As much as people like to think that the Beast’s pre cursed name is Adam that is untrue. The creators of the movie never named the Beast. The name Adam was fan named I am not exactly sure where this started but trust me Disney has never given the Beast a name. He is only referred to as the Beast or the Prince. For the other characters, I really loved that smaller characters in the movie were given bigger roles in the book I can’t say who one of them was because that is a major spoiler.

Now the reason I didn’t love this book is because of the ending. It was not the ending I was expecting and I just wish it was concluded a bit more because it did leave things up in the air. That is the best way I can describe it without giving things away. Due to this, it made my rating go down and I ended up giving As Old as Time three stars out of five. I just wish that certain things were concluded and that certain things that happened in the movie were included in the book.

That is it all my thoughts on As Old as Time. I really did enjoy reading this book and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series which is Reflection the twist being ” What if Mulan had to travel to the underworld?”. Also, later this year Part of your World is being released the twist being “What if Ariel never defeated Ursula?”. So excited to read those. In the comments let me know if you have read As Old as Time and what you thought of it. Also if you have read the other books in this series.

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Note: After my signature, you will find some of my spoiler thoughts on the book. 

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Spoilers Up Ahead!! 

  1. I did not like that, the Beast stayed a Beast. I know that it was great character development that he chooses to save the servants in his castles and stay a Beast but I still wish the curse was fully broken.
  2. Is it bad that I wish Gaston was killed off? I mean the book doesn’t seem complete without him dying. I guess I am just used to him being killed off that him still being alive in this book just threw me off.
  3. Loved that Monsieur D’Arque was the villain in this story. D’Arque was in one scene in the movie! I find it amazing that Braswell was able to develop this character to what he is in this book. Fun fact Tony Jay the actor that played D’Arque in the movie did that scene so well at his audition that, that is the take used in the movie. Also, Disney loved his voice so much that they brought him on to voice Frollo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.



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