BookCon Day 1: Experience and Haul


Note! This is a re-upload. I somehow moved this to drafts so I had to publish it again. I don’t even know how that happened. SMH.  This was originally published June 2017. 

Hello there!

    This past weekend I was able to attend BookCon in NYC, thanks to my friend Carleny for the early birthday gift. Carleny also has a book blog called Warning: Spoiler Alert check it out after you read this post. This post will be about my experience at BookCon and a haul on the things I got. Now, let’s get into it.


sat june 3rd

    The first day of BookCon Carleny and I decided to get to the Javits Center by 8 am ( the show floor opened at 10 am). We know that people like to get their really early to be one of the first people on the show floor. So, I got up at 6 am and was out of my house by 7 am. Carleny and I got to the Javits at about 8:10 am. Guys, by that time there was already so many people there it was insane. Then we had to wait for the show floor to open at 10 am. After so much waiting they were finally letting us in, Carleny and I were on the show floor at about 10:15 am. The first thing we did was search for the booth where First In Line would be because we had received an email to go to their booth to pick up a Underlined Swag tote with a surprise box full of bookish fun. Let me tell you we had a little trouble finding the booth turned out they were in the Penguin booth. IMG_8393IMG_8394IMG_8392

Bookmark, Pen, Powerbank charger, A Short History of the Girl Next Door by Jared Reck, The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

    After that, we tried going to the Epic Reads Lounge to the Victoria Aveyard and Veronica Roth event. When we got there the line was so long we just went elsewhere. At that point, we just decided to walk around the show floor and see what we could get. Okay, at this point details are getting a little hazy for me so I will try and fill you in as well as I can remember. After walking the show floor a lot lol we went back to Epic Reads for a galley drop. I believe this was around 1:30 pm for this galley drop we had four books to choose from Release by Patrick Ness, They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera, Monster by Michael Grant and Calling My Name by Liara Tamani. By the time we got to the front of the line the only options left were Monster and Calling My Name so Carleny and I both got Calling My Name. That was my first choice so I was happy about that.

    Next, we had some time before our next event so we walked the show floor again. While doing that we were handed a sample of Warcross by Marie Lu so that was cool. The next thing we went to was another galley drop at the First in Line booth but they were calling themselves Underlined but they were in the Penguin booth I was a little confused about that ha ha. Well anyway, they were having a giveaway we had the choice IMG_8387between two sci-fi books. The choices were Nyxia by Scott Reintgen or Satellite by Nick Lake. Okay, so the Penguin booth was a mess the entire weekend. When we went for this giveaway they said we could start lining up at 3:30 pm. Well, 3:30 pm came around and we didn’t know where to line up because the Nicola Yoon( who I love!)  booth signing went over time ( we overheard that they gave out more tickets for that signing then they were supposed to). While we are trying to figure out where to line was, another line comes into the area and it’s the line for Warcross coming from another booth. I am telling you guys it was a hot mess. So, Carleny and I go back to the booth to one of the workers and ask about the line. The lady says we just need to line up around the corner. Carleny tells the lady no, you don’t understand its a mess there. The Nicola signing is still happening and the Warcross line somehow made their way to that area as well. The lady was very nice and went to check what was happening. When she came back she told us that one of the other workers started a line. When we went back to where the line was the line for Warcross disappeared I don’t know what happened there lol. Now, we are finally on the line to get our Sci-Fi book, we both choose Nyxia because it sounded the most interesting.IMG_8388

    After leaving that giveaway that’s right you guessed it we walked around the show floor some more. Oh! I forgot to mention that while walking around we saw Zoe from ReadbyZoe, Natasha from Tashpolis, Sasha Alsburg from abooktobia, Christine from polandbananasbooks and Kat from katytastic. We didn’t go to any of their meet ups or panels but it was cool to see them on the show floor. We also kept seeing Adam Silvera on the show floor that was cool too and omg is he tall! Right before we left Carleny had to use the bathroom and right when she was about to walk in a pigeon that was on the water fountain almost attacked her face. This startled Carleny so she jumped back a little and as she did this she bumped into Cassandra Clare! Cassandra asked Carleny if she was okay and Carleny was just thinking “This is Cassandra Clare!” So, after walking the show floor one more time we left the Javits Center because we were tired and super hungry. So, we walked to McDonald’s and stuffed our faces then headed home.

    That’s it for day one! I will post Day 2 soon so keep an eye out for that! Let me know if you went to BookCon and what was your favorite and least favorite thing about it.

Until next time book nerds,


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