Books that didn’t Match My Expectations

Hello there,

This post is going to be on the books that I had high expectations for and then once reading it, it let me down. You know those books that sounds like they will be amazing and you get so excited to read it. Then you read it and it was nothing that you expected and not in a good way. Now let’s just get on to the list.

 1. Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle IMG_0256

GoodReads Rating: 3 stars

Note: After thinking about it after giving my original rating I think it is actually 2 stars. 

Thoughts: I watched the FreeForm show before reading the book and that might have something to do with the fact that I really didn’t enjoy this book. I enjoyed watching the show so I thought well the book must be amazing. Then I decided that I should read the book before the new season started and I was not impressed by the book. There wasn’t a character that I really enjoyed and the plot was lacking a lot, at least in my opinion. I believe that the only reason I was able to get through the book because I read it during BookTube-A-Thon.

Review:  Famous in Love 

 2.  Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge IMG_0255

GoodReads Rating: 3 stars

Thoughts: Cruel Beauty is a Beauty and the Beast retelling and my favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast ( animation) so I was so excited to read this book. The main reason that I did not enjoy this book is because I was confused the entire book. There was a lot going on that I just couldn’t figure out what was happening. I go into more detail on my confusing in my review so that will be linked down below.

Review: Cruel Beauty 

3. Heartless by Marissa Meyer IMG_0257

GoodReads Rating: 3 stars

Thoughts: I love The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer so I was so excited for her next book. I thought since I loved The Lunar Chronicles that I would love Heartless as well. I did enjoy Heartless it just didn’t wow me. I know that is partly my fault for putting The Lunar Chronicles that comparing Heartless to it, it just didn’t match up.

Review: Heartless 

4. The Young Elites by Marie Lu IMG_0253

GoodReads Rating: 3 stars

Thoughts: I first heard about The Young Elites on booktube and I thought the plot sounded so interesting. The Young Elites does have a very good plot but it ended up not wowing me like I thought it would. The pacing was slow for me, there were things happening but I still felt like not much was happening. That probably makes absolutely no sense but that is how I felt.

Note:  I read this book before I started blogging so there is no review of this book.

That is it four books that did not meet my expectations. Let me know what books that you have read that let you down. Also, I need a new method of deciding how to rate books because I feel that I am generous with my ratings. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Until next time book nerds,

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