Reading Goals for 2018

Hello there!

This post is going to be on all my reading goals I have for myself in 2018. Hope you enjoy and let me know what your reading goals are for this year.  

      1)  GoodReads Challenge

  • For 2017 I set my GoodReads Challenge to read 20 books and I ended up reading 25 books. So, I decided to read 30 books in 2018 hopefully I can do it! I think I can.


    2) Read more adult books

  • As much I love reading young adult books I want to read my adult books. The only adult books I have really read are Sophie Kinsella books which I love her writing. I feel that I need to branch out more and see what is out there that I will fall in love with.


   3) Read more classics

  • I feel that this is a lot of peoples goal and it is mine as well. Like I said before I want to branch out to other areas of reading and discover other things that I can enjoy.


    4) Re-read school reads

  • I have already started this kinda but I want to do this more. There are books that I read in school years ago that I don’t remember much of what happened in the book. Also there are books that I read for school that I did not like and I want to know if my opinions have changed now that I am older. For this goal it will also included books that I was supposed to read in school and didn’t. I probably missed out on some really cool reads that I would have liked so I am excited to actually read those books.


That is it, all my reading goals for 2018. I am really excited to start and branch out in what I have read in the past. Like I said please let me know what your goals are.


Until next time book nerds,  

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