Review: One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake

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         I have finally finished reading One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake! That took me over a month to read and I am not sure why because I really enjoyed it. One Dark Throne is the sequel to Three Dark Crowns, so there will be spoilers on Three Dark Crowns in case you haven’t read it yet. I have a review on Three Dark Crowns if you want a spoiler-free review of the first book.


One Dark Throne starts a little bit after where we left off in Three Dark Crowns. After the crazy events that went down in Three Dark Crowns we get to see how the three Queens react to those events. Katharine somehow made it out alive out of the Breccia Domain and is more determined than ever to win the crown. Arsinoe has learned that she is not a Naturalist but a poisoner, so she needs to figure out how to take advantage of this secret. Mirabella has to try to keep the people around her from getting hurt.


In my review for Three Dark Crowns, I mentioned that it was hard to keep track of all the characters. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that in One Dark Throne a list of characters was included. This was very helpful when getting back into this world and being able to refer back to the list when I found I couldn’t remember who the character mentioned was. As well as the list of characters a map was also included, It was so fun to look at the map and know exactly where they were when a location was mentioned.When the battle is done.The crown is won.

I thought that this was a very good sequel a lot went down especial in the last section of the book. Now that I am thinking about it I liked that a lot happened but it wasn’t overwhelming. I have read books that it is action after action which isn’t bad I just liked the balance of this book where there was a lot going on but it isn’t overwhelming where it is hard to keep up with everything that is happening. Just like the first book I really liked all the things that were revealed towards the end of the book especially with Katharine, I can not wait to see what happens to her in the next book. As well with Arsinoe and Mirabella, they both have gone through so much in this second book it will be interesting to see how they both deal with the events that occurred in this book.

I gave One Dark Throne four stars out of five. This was such an exciting read and I can not wait to continue on with this story. Let me know if you have read One Dark Throne and your thoughts on it. Also, I think that I will do a Book Monologue (review with spoilers) for One Dark Throne because I have so many spoiler thoughts. Might do a video as well not sure though. Let me know if you will be interested in a spoiler review on One Dark Throne.

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