Review: Twelve Days of Christmas by Debbie Macomber

Hello there!

So December 2016 I picked up Twelve Days of Christmas by Debbie Macomber. I was so excited to read a Christmas book. I got to page ten and gave up on the book because the main character annoyed me. Now December 2017 Zoe from readbyzoe hosts a 24 hour Holiday readathon and I took this opportunity to give Twelve Days of Christmas a second chance. Now, you may be asking yourself what is Twelve Days of Christmas is about. Keep on reading an I will fill you in.


This is the story of Julia a bubbly personality and her neighbor Cain who is the complete opposite of Julia. Cain is not talkative and a bit rude to Julia. One day Julia catches Cain stealing her newspaper this is the last straw for her. Determined to break Cain’s not friendly exterior she decides to kill cain with kindness. As well as that she decides to blog about her Kill them with Kindness project for the twelve days leading up to Christmas. 

My Thoughts:

First, off without giving too much away I think that Julia overreacted with IMG_0009the whole newspaper situation. That’s all I will say about that I will let you read the book to see why I say that. Also, Julia thinks that Cain is rude to her because he doesn’t want to make conversation with her in the morning. Well then I must be rude too because I do not like making conversation in the morning either I am not a morning person lol. With those thoughts out the way the book as a whole was really good. You know once Julia stopped annoying me. I want to point out that I had mixed feelings about Cain. There were somethings that he would say or do that made him seem controlling and thats not cool.

The book as a whole was a nice story I really did enjoy. I love me a good Hallmark Christmas movie and I got all the Hallmark vibes from this book so that’s a plus. I also really liked that Julia’s blog post were included after each chapter aka day as well as comments from her readers. Being a blogger myself it was fun to read about another blogger. Can we talk about Cain’s Grandfather? Because he was adorable, he was definitely the comic relief in this story. Some of the things he said had me laughing out loud.

I gave Twelve Days of Christmas four stars out of five, this was a fun quick read that will give you all the Christmas feels. I would recommend this book to anyone that loves Christmas and loves a good Christmas story. Also, check out Dashing Through the Snow by Debbie Macomber this is a great Christmas story as well and there is a Hallmark Movie too. Just be forewarned the book is way better than the movie! Let me know in the comments if you have read either books and or watched the movie. Also what holiday books would you recommend I read next.

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