Writing Update #3: Naming Characters and Occupation

Hello there!

Today’s post is an update on the book I have been working on. I am going to be covering naming my characters as well as figuring out what their occupation will be. That being said let’s just get right into it.

One thing that has taken me so long to do is name these characters. I have had their first names for a few weeks now but in the last few days, I have had to figure out their last names. Oh, boy was that a process! For my characters I wanted their first and last names to flow well together. Also, I wanted them not to have names that are used a lot, I wanted them to be at least a tiny bit original. Now, did I accomplish that goal? I have no idea but I am happy with the names that they ended up with…well at least for now. I have no clue if they will end up changing once I get to the actual writing of this book and truly discover who these characters are. Honestly, I am okay with that as long as I feel that by the end that I have found the best name for them I will be happy. I am so excited to actually get started on the book and see where these characters take me.

The other thing I have been working on this week is figuring out their occupation. This has taken a bit of research because I want their jobs to be realistic, in the sense that if someone in that field would read my book they will think yea that is exactly what I do. Hope that makes sense. I just want to make sure that their positions and what they do are what someone in that field will be doing in the real world. I also did research on salary to figure out what kind of apartment they can afford and how their day to day life will be depending on what they can afford. I want this book to be as realistic as possible so I am trying to do all the research that I can to make that possible.

What is next? I still need to do a little bit of research on their jobs as well as figure out where they are going to live. I also need to do research on a few topics that are very important to the plot of this book. Let me know in the comments if you are working on a book and how it is going. Also if you are writing anything let me know how your writing is going I will love to know.


Until next time book nerds,

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