Review: Rise of the Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz

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   Finally, the last review of the The Isle of the Lost books. I know this is really late but better late than never right? Well, I say we just get into this review. This will be spoiler free so do not fear and read on.

   I am going to start off by talking about what I liked about the book. One of the things that I liked is the fact that things are explained. I liked that they explained where Harry Hook and Gil came from. In the first two books we know that Captain Hook has a daughter named Harriet and Gaston has twin sons named Gaston and Gaston. So when I heard about Harry son of Captain Hook and Gil son of Gaston I thought they were just going to pretend that Harriet and the Gaston twins were never a thing. But it is explained that  Harriet and Harry are siblings and the Gaston twins and Gil are brothers as well. You may say well duh obviously they are siblings. But Harry and Gil are not mentioned in the first two books they just pop up in the third book. That is what made me think that they were going to pretend that Harriet and the Gaston twins weren’t a thing. Make sense? I hope it does.

   What I also enjoyed was learning Mal and Uma’s backstory. It was interesting to see why they dislike each other so much. Also, it explains things that happen in Descendants 2. Not only was it cool to see Mal’s backstory with Uma but it was really interesting to read about Uma’s backstory. To learn what she is about and how she feels about living on the Isle and the situation that she is in. Rise of the Isle of the Lost was also a really good setup for Descendants 2. It is cool meeting new characters before watching a movie and just getting to know them so you are invested even before you watch the movie. Especially learning about Uma and how she formed her crew and obtained her ship that is in the movie. I also felt that Rise of the Isle of the Lost had a good amount of adventure and suspense.

IMG_9353That being said, the one thing that bothered me about Rise of the Isle of the Lost was that it took a while for it to get to the action. Other than that I felt that this was a really great book to go along with the Descendants movie.

    I gave Rise of the Isle of the Lost four out of five stars. I think that this is a really good read for any Descendants fans. Also if you can I think it will be better to read and watch in the order that they are released. That is read The Isle of the Lost, watch Descendants, read Return to the Isle of the Lost and then read Rise of the Isle of the Lost, then finally watching Descendants 2. I think it will give you a better overall look at the story and you will get more out of it. Also, if you have watched the movies but have yet to pick up the books I think you should really read the books. You get so much more information and I think it is a better experience once you know the whole story.

   That is it my review of Rise of the Isle of the Lost. Hope you enjoyed and let me know your thoughts about the books as well as the movies. Also if you are planning on reading the books now or if you have already read them.


Until next time Book Nerds,



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