Review: The Isle of the Lost by Melissa De La Cruz

Hello, my evil friends,

          Here it finally is my review for the first book in the Descendants series The Isle of the Lost by Melissa De La Cruz. The first part of this review is going to be spoiler free then I will go into spoilers. Do not worry I will let you know when that is about to happen. Now on to the review.

    Some of you might be asking what is The Isle of the Lost about. Well, In this world there are two places one is Auradon where all the heroes of all the Disney movies live. The other place is the Isle of the Lost where you guessed it, all the Disney villains live. On the Isle of the Lost, all the villains and their children live under a dome that keeps them trapped on the Isle. With this dome, it keeps the villains in so they are unable to harm the heroes. This story is about Mal daughter of Maleficent, Evie daughter of the Evil Queen, Jay the son of Jafar, and Carlos the son of Curella De Vil. These four villain kids set off on a mission to retrieve Maleficent’s Dragan’s eye. They all have their own reasons for taking on this mission but will they be able to accomplish their goals?

    I am going to start off by saying that I gave The Isle of the Lost four out of five starts. I think that this was a really good book setting up for the events of the first Descendants movie. You don’t always get to know the characters of a movie before the movie even starts. So, I thought this was a nice touch for Disney to give us a look at who these kids are and how just in the first book they grow so much. That being said for all four of the villain kids I thought they all had great character arcs and it set them up well for the movie. What I enjoyed about this book was being able to see what happened after the heroes got their happily ever afters especially what happened to the villains.

    I think this is a fun series to read if you are curious to know about Disney characters after their movies ended. That is going to be it for my spoiler-free section. So if you have not read The Isle of the Lost stop reading right here and come back after you have read the book.

Spoilers Ahead


    Guys! The first thing I want to mention is the act that before starting this book I was interested to know how some of these Disney villains can be in this book when they died in the movie they were in. I was shocked to find out that King Beast brought back the villains from the dead! How is that even possible? Didn’t Genie say that bringing people back from the dead is against the laws of magic? Well anyway, that’s what King Beast did and my thought is why would you bring back the guy that tried to kill you? Is it so that Gaston can see you happy with Belle? And rub that in his face? That’s a little childish Beast lol.

    One of the things that I was a little shocked to read is the fact that Mal is really mean to Evie. I think the fact that I watched the Descendants movie first and Mal and Evie are friends it was a little strange watching Mal being so mean to Evie. On the other side of that, it was interesting seeing that like in the movie Evie is such a nice person for being a villain kid. I think that Evie was made nice from the start to help prove Ben’s point from the start. That just because your parent is evil does not mean that the kid is evil as well. That is why in the Descendant’s movie Ben wants to give the villain kids a chance to prove that very point. With Mal and Jay, they were more evilish but you can see that deep down they really are not as evil as they try to make people think or that they themselves think they are.

    Also who else felt so bad for Carlos? I know that his mom is Curella De Vil and she is well Cruel, but it was so hard to read how she treated Carlos. As well as Carlos having to admit that the thing that his mom loves the most is her fur coats. I felt like Loni the daughter of Mulan when in the Descendants movie she says that she thought that even villains must love their kids. On a lighter note about Carlos, I loved the scene where he is in his tree house with Evie and they are trying to get his box to work to get more channels on tv and when it works he says that there is a show on about twins that look like Mal. I thought that was a nice touch since the show he was talking about was Liv and Maddie and Dove Cameron plays the twins and she plays Mal in Descendants. On the subject of Mal, it was crazy to learn that her full name is Maleficent. The reason that she is called Mal is that Maleficent doesn’t think that Mal is evil enough to be called Maleficent and that she has to prove her evilness to be worthy of her full name.

    Well, that is all that I am going to go into in this review. If you want to see my review on my Booktube channel where I mention a few more things my channel is called Tangled up in Books .That review should be up this Friday so be on the lookout. Let me know in the comments what you thought of the Isle of the Lost and if you plan on reading the rest of the books. I know I am.

Until next time book nerds,


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