Fall Book Releases

Hello there!

    Guys! I am so excited that it is finally Fall! Fall is my favorite season so I am so happy that it is finally here. This post is going to be on some of the books that I can not wait for them to come out. I cheated a little two of these books have already come out but whatever lol. Now let’s get into the books.

  1)   Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust32768509

    Date:  September 5th

    Genre: Fantasy, Retellings, GLBT, Fairytales

    Series or Stand Alone: ??? I’m not sure.

About: This is the story of two girls Mina and Lynet. Mina has a heart of glass which she is not aware of put there by her father a magician. Lynet who looks exactly like her late mother, Lynet was created out of snow by a magician to look just like her mother. Girls Made of Snow and Glass tells the entwining stories of these two girls that were doomed to be rivals.

Thoughts: That is just part of what this book is about. There is so much more to it, I honestly can not wait to finally be able to read this book.

Links:    Amazon       GoodReads

2) One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake  29923707

    Date: September 19th

    Genre: Fantasy

    Series: Three Dark Crowns #2

* This about section will be on the first book Three Dark Crowns *

About: Three Dark Crowns is about triplet sisters that all have an equal right to the throne. The only thing is that to find out who will be queen once they turn sixteen they have to fight to the death until only one queen is standing. Also, each triplet has a certain power: Katharine is a poisoner, Arsinoe is a naturalist, and Mirabella is an elemental.

Thoughts: Three Dark Crowns left off with a plot twist cliffhanger so I am looking forward to finding out what happens next. Check out my Three Dark Crowns review for more thoughts!

Links:    Three Dark Crowns     Amazon     GoodReads

                One Dark Throne          Amazon       GoodReads

3) Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao 33958230


    Date: October 10th

    Genre: Fantasy, Retellings

    Series: Rise of the Empress #1

About: This is the backstory of the Evil Queen set in East Asia.

Thoughts: Okay I know that is a small about nut that is all I had to know about this book to want to read it. I love fairy tales so I thought this was so cool that Dao wrote a book all about the Evil Queen. I really can not wait to get this book in my hands.

Links:           Amazon        GoodReads

4) The Glass Spare by Lauren Destefano29622131

    Date: October 24th

    Genre: Fantasy

    Series: The Glass Spare #1

About: A story about a girl named Wilhelmina the only daughter of the King. Wil discovers that her touch turns people into gemstone. This book is on the adventure that Will goes on to discover the truth about her power and how to cure it.

Thoughts: Again there is so much more to this book and I am intrigued to see what will happen in this duology.

Links:      Amazon      GoodReads

5) Renegades  by Marissa Meyer28421168

    Date: November 7th

    Genre: Fantasy

    Series: Renegades #1

About: Renegades is a Superhero book.

Thoughts: I know really short about. But that is really the only thing I know. I loved Meyers The Lunar Chronicles series so I am excited to see what she does with superheroes.

Links:       Amazon      GoodReads 

    That is it all the books I am looking forward to being released this Fall season. Please let me know what Fall releases you are excited about and if any are on my list.

Until next time book nerds,


Disclaimer: Pictures were obtained from Goodreads.com

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