Back To School Book Tag

Hello there,

      Today’s post is the back to school book tag created by BangadyBangz on Youtube. Now let’s get into these questions. 

1) Fresh new outfit –img_7224

Book with best dressed characters

  • Rebecca Bloomwood ( Confession of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella). I mean she is addicted to shopping so she has to be best dressed. 

2) New lab partner –IMG_8856

New sci fi book you want to read

  • Nyxia by Scott Reintgen. I got an ARC of this book at Bookcon and I am really excited to read this in the next few days.

3) Favorite teacher –

Book with a great mentor

  • The first character that comes to mind is Julian from Red Queen so I am going to go with him.

4) New supplies –

Favorite new reading or writing accessories

  • I am going to go with my new sharpie pens for my planner that I use to play out my blog posts.

5) Old friends –img_7219

Book you want to re-read/favorite friendship in literature

  • The Lunar Chronicles  by Marissa Meyer, I have been missing the friendship of those group of characters and I really want to re-read all four books.


6) Ready for sweater weather –img_7330

Book featuring cold weather

  • Stealing Snow by Dannielle Paige it is defietnally cold in that book.

7) Open House –

Book that made a memorable (good or bad) first impression

  • Cinder by Marissa Meyer, when I first heard about this book I thought I was going to hate it so when I finally did read it I was suppressed at the fact that I loved it.

8) Too early for this –

Book you would get out of bed for

  • I would get out of bed for any Sophie Kinsella book. She is my favorite author so I would get up early to get one her books.

9) The textbook costs HOW much?? –

Book you spent too much money on

  • The books that I have spent a lot of money on is on textbooks so i do not have an answer for this question.

10) Best school in literature you want to attendIMG_8858

  • I am going to go with the answer that everyone else says and that is Hogwarts because I mean Hogwarts do I have to say more?

       That’s all the questions and I tag Carleny, and all of you leave all your answers in the comments or answer them in a blog post on your blog. I will love to read them.

Until net time book nerds,


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