How is BookTube-A-Thon Going?

Hello there!

If you were not aware on Monday, July 24th a week long readathon started. This is BookTube-A-Thon that is run by Ariel Bissett from YouTube. For BookTube-A-Thon there are seven reading challenges that you have to complete, as well as Instagram challenges and YouTube challenges. If you want more information on BookTube-A-Thon check out there YouTube Channel! This post is going to be how the first three days have gone for me. 

Day One July 24th I was so excited for the readathon to start I had my tbr ready and a half of a plan on how the week was going to go. As soon as it hit midnight in New York I picked up my first book which was Famous In Love. The plan was to finish FIL in one day because that is one of the challenges to finish a book in one day. The only thing is that one I am a slow reader two I had to prepare for an interview so I had to split up my time between reading and preparing for the interview. Even though I had those two things counting against me as well as the fact that I have never read an entire book in one day I was determined to accomplish this goal. For this first day, a went back and forth from reading and doing interview prep and well as watching some The Wild Thornberrys because why not lol. By 9:30 by I had read 168 pages of Famous in Love and I that point knew I was not going to finish it before midnight. That said I do feel proud of myself for reading half a book in a day.

Day Two July 25th this day did not go as well as I thought it was going to go reading wise. I went to the park to read outside for one of the challenges. I decided to read Cyrano de Bergerac since it is on the shorter side and a play. What I did not plan for was that ones I was in the park and reading all I really wanted to do was take a nap! I am not sure if it was the book, the weather, or the fact that I had not slept much that night that was causing this. I ended up only getting to page 36! Then when I got home I had decided to change up my tbr so I switched out two books and I am no longer reading Cyrano. By the end of day two, I had only read the 36 pages.

Day Three July 25th which is today! Is going so much better for me. I read for two hours of The Lightning Thief and then I read for two hours of Famous In Love and I have 60 pages left! I am so excited! I am so close to finishing my first book for this week! I can not wait to continue doing this readathon!

I really want to know how BookTube-A-Thon is going for you guys if you are participating. Also what books are you reading? Before I forget I am doing the Instagram challenges! My Instagram account is @wait_what2016 if you have to see my picture for the challenges as well as my updates during the day. You can also find a link down below as well under the tab Social Media at the top of this page.

Until next time book nerds,







2 thoughts on “How is BookTube-A-Thon Going?

  1. Sounds like a bit of a rough start (I hope your interview went well though!!), but I’m glad things are picking up!!
    I’m not doing the readathon, but I hope I can join in next time!


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