Book Monologue # 7: Avenged by Amy Tintera

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    In this post, I will be spilling all my thoughts on Avenged by Amy Tintera the second book in the Ruined series. If you have not read Avenged and would like to read a spoiler-free review you can check mine out! Also if you have not read Ruined I have a review for that as well one is spoiler free and the other has spoilers. Now let’s get into this review.

    Like I said in my spoiler free review of Ruined I loved this sequel. I thought this was a great continuation of the first book and a great set up for the third and last book. I will now go character by character and discuss my thoughts about them. 


Olivia Flores: Olivia was such an interesting character to get to know. She is such a complex and well, scary character. Olivia hates the Lera people and well any human at that. Which she has reason to not trust or like them, but the way that she goes about treating them is not right. Olivia has no mercy on any human, she kills any human that gets in her way even if they didn’t do anything.

Emelina Flores: In Ruined Em was a little more like Olivia having so much hate for the people that took her family away from her and destroyed her country. Throughout Ruined Em learns that there is more to people that not all of them are horrible. In Avenged Em is struggling with helping her own people as well as trying to convince Olivia that they shouldn’t attack the Lera people and that they aren’t all as bad as they thought. It was interesting to see Em trying to balance both trying to help her people as IMG_8542well as dealing with her feelings for Cas.

Casimir: Cas has gone through a lot he is now King and most of his advisors have no faith in him. After getting poisoned and Galo having to get him away from the fortress Cas gives up completely and wants to just stay with Em. I felt so bad for Cas because he felt that he didn’t deserve to be King and he completely lost faith in himself. Thankfully Galo knocked some sense into him, literally and figuratively.

August: August was so annoying. He was full of himself and was so rude to Em. He just kept insulting her and he still expected her to marry him. Um no, thank you. I did like his brothers a bit because they knew how much of an idiot August is.

Aren: It was interesting to see Aren change and for him to realize that he doesn’t want to hurt people for no good reason. He struggles a lot with making Olivia happy and doing the things that she wants him to do but it is not good for him. Aren realizes that what Olivia is doing is wrong. She kills without feeling, no emotion she enjoys the kill and he doesn’t want to be like that.


    While reading Avenged I was constantly asking myself “who is the bad guy?”. I feel that there is no clear answer as to who the bad guy actually is. The Lera people that are following Jovita still think that the Ruined are horrible people and that they deserved what they got. The Ruined people that are following Olivia can’t see past their anger and hurt innocent people along the way. No one country is clearly seeing what is actually going on and they just keep adding more fuel to the fire when they should be trying to put it out. They are making things worse instead of better. They can’t see when they are wrong and they can’t see past their ways. There are only a few people that can see that the Ruined people were treated badly and that they did not deserve the things that happened to them. They are also only a few people that can see that not all the Lera people are bad.

Randon thoughts

-I can’t believe that Cas and Em almost sleep with each other and then end up getting interrupted.

-I like that Tintera added in a part where Em is looking for a plant that is used to prevent pregnancy. In other books that I read the characters just sleep with each other and there is no mention of contraceptives and I am just like “oh your not going to, oh no alright” lol.

-That ending! I can’t wait to see how things play out with Em seeing how reckless Olivia is and how there is no reasoning with her.

-I am excited to see how in the last book Em will find a way to make both sides happy or if it will all just blow up in her face.

    I loved Avenged and I can not wait to read Allied the third and final book in the Ruined trilogy. Let me know what you thought about Avenged and if you are planning on reading Allied next year. 

Until next time book nerds,


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