Review: Avenged by Amy Tintera

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    Finally! After months and months of waiting, I was able to read the second book in the Ruined series Avenged! I’ll let you guys know from now that the second book did not disappoint, this was a great continuation. First things first if you have not read either books stop right there and check out my spoiler-free review of Ruined. This review will have some spoilers of Ruined since this is a sequel. Now let’s get into the actual review!

    Guys! I absolutely loved this second book, Avenged. I thought it was a great continuation and I loved seeing all the characters development. In Ruined Emelina’s main goal is to save her sister Olivia from the Lera kingdom who kidnapped her. By the end of book one Em accomplishes her goal and saves her sister. Em’s plan had worked exactly how she planned it, except for one thing. Em never planned on developing feelings for the Lera Prince, Casimir.

    The last line in Ruined is said by Olivia:  “Don’t cry, Em. They will fear us soon enough.” From this line, I knew that Avenged was going to be a crazy ride and I couldn’t wait to learn more about Olivia. What Tintera created with the character of Olivia was a very interesting character. On the one hand, you can understand why Olivia is angry and she has all the right to be angry and to not trust humans. On the IMG_8542other hand, you don’t want her to get her revenge because she is going about it the wrong way. What I loved about Olivia was her humor, she has these lines that are really funny and it’s fun to see a somewhat lighter side of her. With Em, it was interesting seeing what choices she will make since she has to stick with her people but she also has to deal with these feelings that she has for Cas. It’s a difficult place to be, to have feelings for a person that you should hate. 

    One of the things that I wish was more in this book was a little more of Cas and Em. I really wouldn’t have minded a little more romance. This book is focused more on the action which I love, a lot of stuff went down in this second book I just wanted a tiny bit more romance. Hopefully, there will be more in book three which is called Allied and I am super excited for it.

    Overall, I thought that this was a great set-up for the last book in this trilogy. I am trying not to give anything away so I will just say this, I feel like in Ruined it is painted that one thing is the problem. Then in Avenged, we start to see that maybe what we originally thought was the problem is only the surface. Not everything is black and white no country is completely good nor completely bad. I will go into more detail about this in my review with spoilers because I have so many thoughts but it will spoil for people who have not read.

    I gave Avenged 4.5 stars out of 5. This was a great second book and I can not wait to find out what happens next. Let me know if you have read Avenged and your thoughts on it. I will also be posting my book monologue ( review with spoilers) soon so be on the lookout for that.

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