Oh my Fairytales: Once Upon a Dream by Liz Braswell – Review

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    Welcome to another post in my Oh My Fairytales series! This post is on the book Ounce Upon a Dream: A Twisted Tale by Liz Braswell. This is the second book in the A Twisted Tale series where Braswell takes a Disney movie and twists the stories by changing one important factor. In Once Upon a Dream Braswell twists the story of Sleeping Beauty, the twist is “what if the sleeping beauty never woke up?”. The first book in the series is A Whole New World which I have a review of so you can check that out! Now let’s get into the review.


    One of the main problems that people had with A Whole New World is that about the first 100 pages were exactly like the movie, some of the lines were even the same. In Once Upon a Dream, it starts right where the plot twist happens, right when Prince Philip kisses Aurora to wake her up. Unlike the story that we know, Aurora does not wake up instead Prince Philip falls asleep as well.

         likes ouad

    I really enjoyed that this book started right where the twist happens. As well as that the entire book takes place in Aurora’s dream and she needs to figure out a way how to wake up and get back to reality. One of my favorite things in this book was Prince Phillip, in the movie we do not get to see too much of his personality and in this book he was really funny and I enjoyed getting to know him. It was also interesting how Aurora thought that the dream world was her actual life and that her parents were the villains and Maleficent was the hero. It was also fun to try and pick out some of the simulates from the movie.

     dislikes ouad

    One of the things that I did not enjoy about Once Upon a Dream was that I felt that it dragged on. I felt that it took long to get to the solution I feel that it could have gotten there quicker or just made certain parts more exciting. That is the main thing that I thought should have been different. I also wish that we got a bit more information on each character for example why they made certain decisions. In AWNW there was a bigger focus on the character’s backstory so I wish we had gotten that in OUAD.


    overall thoughts ouad

     I did enjoy reading Once Upon a Dream, it was an interesting take on a story that we all know. There were parts that took me by surprise which is always good. I gave Once Upon a Dream 3.7 stars out of 5 stars.

***If you have not read Once Upon a Dream and do not want to be spoiled DON’T read beyond this point.***

    spoiler thoughts ouad



-I thought it was awesome that Aurora has magic in the dream world

-Loved that Aurora saves herself and everyone

-I think Braswell loves killing people off, Can’t believe that Aurora’s parents died. Also that when you die in the dream world you die in real life.

-Found it so interesting that once Phillip killed the Dragon aka Maleficent her soul went into hiding into Aurora’s dream.

-Also is moon blood their name for period?

-I really liked that we got hints of the Sleeping Beauty story that we know by Aurora slowly getting back her real memories.

Favorite Phillip line: “ You know, now that I actually think about it, it does seem a bit extreme, cursing a baby and all.” ( page. 144)

    That’s it! That is my review/ thoughts on Once Upon a Dram by Liz Braswell. Let me know if you have read OUAD and or A Whole New World and which one you like more. My next review will be on Avenged by Amy Tintera so look out for that next Wednesday!

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