BookCon Day 2: Experience and Haul

Hello there,

    One week later and I am finally posting the second part to my BookCon post. This will be all about day two let’s just get into it.

Sunday june 4th    After the first day, Carleny and I realized that if we wanted to get the One Dark Throne Arc we had to get to the Javits Center earlier than we did on day one. So we agreed to meet up on Sunday at 7 am. This meant that we had to wake up at 5 am and leave by 6 am. Carleny had to leave her house around 5:45 am because she lives feather from Manhattan than I do. Early that morning I get a text from Carleny that says “I’m up, don’t make me call you!” and I responded with “I’m up!”. After such a long day on Saturday and then having to be up at 5 Am we were not in the most chipper mood to be up that early. I was on the train by a little after 6 am and I was shocked at a number of people on the train that early on a Sunday ha ha. I met up with Carleny and we were on the line at about 7:05 Am. Since we got to the Javits Center earlier on Sunday we had to line up outside since the queue hall didn’t open until 8 Am.

    The lineup process was well, a process. We were first lined up one behind the other then they let us into where security will be to check our bags in groups and put us into three lines. Guys, if you plan to meet friends at the convention center please get there at IMG_8428the same time. While we were waiting in line this girl ahead of us let her two friends join her in line. So they skipped all the people that were behind which was I would say 200 people possible more. I feel that this is very rude. Everyone on the line made that effort to be there early and you have the nerve to show up later and skip all those people? The moral of the story, if you are meeting friends make sure to get there at the same time and if one of you gets there before do not get on the line until the rest of your friends get there. Eventually, we go through security and made it to the queue hall. Since we had to wait two more hours until the show floor opened we waited on line and sat on the floor and talked to the people around us. We met some very nice girls which was cool. One of them mentioned that she was going to the Epic Reads Meet-Up which Carleny and I were planning on going to. The girl said that she was going straight there since it was limited space. The meet-up didn’t start until 11 Am but I realized that she was right. So, we decided to go straight there first and pass by the One Dark Throne by Kendare Blake arc drop and if the line was long we would skip it.

    As soon as they let us into the show floor we went straight to the Epic Reads Lounge to

“It’s not easy, Being Queen.”

line up for the meet-up and we were the second and third people on the line. You may be asking what is the Epic Reads Meet-Up…or maybe not. Well, at the meet up we were able to hear from five different authors about their books as well as get our books signed! The authors were: Katherine McGee (The Thousand Floor), Lauren Oliver (Replica), Danielle Paige ( The End Of Oz), Soman Chainani (The School for Good and Evil), and Kendare Blake (Three Dark Crowns). Both Carleny and I took our copies of Three Dark Crowns that is why we didn’t mind that we couldn’t get the One Dark Throne ARC because we would be able to meet Kendare Blake at the meet-up and get our book signed. Unfortunately, Lauren Oliver wasn’t feeling well so she didn’t make it to the meet-up but we were able to meet four other great authors.

  IMG_8426  After that Carleny and I separated it was noon and I wanted to go to the Goldy Moldavsky signing that was happening at 12:30 PM. Carleny left to use the bathroom and see what was happening with the Leigh Bardugo Wonder Woman signing. While I was online waiting for Goldy, Carleny told me that an unofficial line was forming for the Wonder Woman ARC mind you the signing wasn’t starting until 2 pm and it was currently noon! Well, security ended up being called and told everyone that they couldn’t wait there. While that was happening I was still in line for Goldy they were handing out ARCs of No Good Deed and right when I was about to get my book signed Carleny showed up. So I got my book signed ( Goldy was really nice ) and then Carleny filled me in on what was happening with Wonder Woman. After we left the Scholastic booth we passed by the Penguin booth where the Wonder Woman ARC signing will be and there was a mob forming. There were so many people there it was insane Carleny actually attempted to get a ticket for the signing and I told her “you can stay here I am getting away from all this crazy mess”. I went to corner and sat for a while to recharge.”Save the world!”

“Save the world!”

    Unfortunately, Carleny did not get a ticket for the Leigh Bardugo Wonder Woman ARC. Once we met up again I walked with Carleny to the  Krysten Ritter Panel where she was able to get

The mob for the Wonder Woman ARC by the Penguin Booth.

an ARC of Bonfire. While she was doing that I walked around the show floor a few times and I picked up a few pins and ended up seeing Heckle Cat and Lowly Worm from The Busy World of Richard Scary! I haven’t read the books but I loved that cartoon when I was a kid. After that Carleny and I met up again walked around for a bit and then decide to leave to get some food because like day 1 we were really hungry after the long day. The only other thing I got was a sampler of Because You Love to Hate Me which Carleny grabbed for me.

    That is it for my BookCon haul and experience for 2017. I honestly had a great time even though I didn’t get much I am happy with the things I did get. Let me know in the IMG_8425comments if you went to BookCon and or if you are planning on going next year. Carleny and I also filmed a video about BookCon which should be up this Friday, June 16th. We talk a bit more about our experience and Carleny talks about the whole Wonder Woman craziness so you can get all the details from someone that actually experienced it and has more information about it. Our booktube channel is Tangled up in Books so look out for that video there.

Until next time book nerds,



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