Writing Update #1

Hello there,

    This post is going to be on what I have been experiencing so far in the planning stages of my book. I will first talk about what I have so far without giving too much detail. Then I will go into what I hope to get done next. Now let’s get into it.

    I started this project knowing what the main plot is going to be. After that I started to think about my characters, let me tell you one of the hardest parts so far is finding the perfect name for each character. I mean I need to give them a name that really suits them. I so far have three character names, I named my main character and then decided to change it but I don’t know what I will change her name into. If you guys know of websites that can help me out with the names let me know because I need help. I have images-1also started to fill out the character profiles. I have figured out some sense of who they are and where they come from. It is fun to start to learn more of these characters that I am making up. 

    Now I will go into what I am planning on doing next. Well, first of all, I need to figure out exactly what their occupation is. I have some idea but I need to look up different industries for each of my characters. I am actually really looking forward to doing that research. After I figure that out I hope I can start to think of some of the events that will happen in the book. I already have some Ideas of what I want to happen but I am excited to get all those ideas down on paper.

    Well, that is it. Let me know in the comments any advice that you have for new writers. Also, leave some suggestions for names. I want the main character (female) to have a Hispanic name so leave all your ideas in the comments.

Until next time book nerds,


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