Book Monologue 6 : King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard

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    On this post, I will be going into detail on my thoughts of King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard. This review will have spoilers so if you are looking for a spoiler-free review you can check mine out! (KC Review Spoiler Free). Now let’s get into this review.

    Okay, let me start off by saying that I enjoyed the pacing for most of the book. Since Mare was taken by Maven as a prisoner I thought that her escape/ rescue was going to happen too quick.  I thought that it might have been a chapter or two of Mare being held prisoner by Maven but it actually took a good portion of the book. Which I felt made it feel more realistic, also it took several tries for Mare to get away. I feel that sometimes in books or movies the rescue or escape happens the first try. So I really liked that, that wasn’t rushed.

    This was the first book in the series that had multiple perspectives ( Mare, Cameron, and Evangeline).  I still enjoy reading from Mare’s perspective since she was the original POV. Now with Cameron, that was the perspective that I did not enjoy as much. The only thing I liked about Cameron’s perspective was that we got to see what Cal and the Scarlet Guard were up to. Now, with Evangeline, I loved reading from her perspective. So much about her was revealed and now I understand her just a little bit more. I also loved what Aveyard did with Evangeline I went from feeling that she is not a nice person to feeling bad for her. Not being able to be with the person that you love really sucks. On top of the fact that Evangeline can’t publicly be with Elane, her parents have Elane marry Ptolemus ( Evangeline’s brother). In general, it was interesting to be in Evangeline’s head for a bit and start to understand her a little.

    I also really liked what was done with Maven in King’s Cage. The reader learns so much about Maven and how he became the person he is today. It is interesting to try and figure him out due to the fact that his mother manipulated with his mind for so many years it is hard to tell who he really is. What part of him is him and what part was created by his mother. I can’t wait for the final book to learn more about Maven and see IMG_8083if there is any way of undoing what his mother did to him or if it’s too late.

    Let’s get into some of the new characters. Evangeline’s mom seems so scary! I mean she controls animals that can kill you. You wouldn’t want to cross her. Evangeline’s Dad Volo is such a horrible person. The way he speaks about the Reds is really sad, he believes that Reds are nothing and Silvers are above all and he has passed on that way of thinking to his children. One new character that I liked was the Lakeland Princess Iris. I still can’t tell if she is on the side of good or evil but the things she does and says are just so funny. For example, the way that she was rubbing it in that she was marrying Maven in Evangeline’s mothers face.

    Can we talk about that ending? That ending pissed me off so much. Mare and Cal need to talk things out and figure things out. So, Evangeline’s parents still want her to marry Cal after they take down Maven. If they would just talk to Evangeline they will find out that she doesn’t want to marry Cal. Also once they take down Maven and Cal becomes King he can do whatever he wants. Mare and Cal are still not seeing eye to eye because they are set in their ways. They need to learn to try and see things from the other person perspective and try to compromise.

    That’s it, those are the main feelings I had on King’s Cage. I can’t wait to see what happens in the last book. Let me know in the comments what you thought of King’s Cage. I will leave you with some of my favorite lines from King’s Cage.

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Copy of Copy of Books I Read

1) Cameron about Mare: “ No wonder she has personality issues. No one tells the girl the truth about anything.” (pg. 215)

    My thought…too true!

2) Iris on Maven: “ I won’t ever make the mistake of trying to put myself in his head. That is not a place any sane person should be.” (pg.259)

    My thought…Iris couldn’t be more right.

3) Maven about Mare: “ You think I enjoy seeing you like this?” “ You think I want to keep you prisoner?” “ It’s the only way you’ll stay with me.” (pg. 278)

    My thought…Maven, why are you such a creeper?

4) Evangeline to Mare: “You want to thank me, Barrow?” “ Then Keep your word. And let this fucking place burn.” (pg.300)

    My thought…Ohhh!!!!!!!

5) Volo: “The Scarlet Guard will never take hold here. No matter what radicals may be backing them.” “Reds are inferior, beneath us. That is the work of biology. Life itself knows we are their masters. Why else are we Silver? Why else are we their gods, if not to rule them?” (pg.401)

    My thought…um excuse me?

6) Cal: “ My colors, no” (pg.435)

    My thought…what? is that like saying “My god, no”?

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