February Summary and Coming up in March

Hello there,

    In this post, I will be discussing all the books I read in February and everything I plan to read in March. I think I had a decent reading month in February. So I am excited to share with you all, all my thoughts. Now on to the books!



1) Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodgefullsizerender-jpg

      I started Cruel Beauty in January and was able to finish it in February. This book was okay. There were a lot of times while reading, that I really did not know what was happening. If certain things were explained more I feel that this book would have been a four or five-star book.

Cruel Beauty Full Review

2) My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsellafullsizerender-jpg-2

        MNSPL was released February 7th. I started reading it the same day I got it which was the  8th of February. I finished it I believe three days later. Kinsella is my favorite author so I was so excited to finally have this book, I absolutely loved it. If you are feeling down in life I suggest you read this book because it was so relatable. I really felt Katie’s pain.

My Not So Perfect Life Full Review

3) Sailor Moon Vol. 8unknown

     I have been slowly reading the Sailor Moon manga, and they are amazing! Just like anything Sailor Moon.


4) The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshifullsizerender-jpg-10


  Okay, so I really wanted to love this book, but that didn’t happen. I had heard so many great things about this book but I ended up not enjoying it as much. I feel that it might have had to do with the fact that I just listened to the audiobook. Usually, if I am listening to an audiobook I read along with the actual book. In this case, I did not do that. So, I feel that might be a reason why I did not enjoy it as much as I wanted to. In the future, I will re-read this to see if I get something more out of it.



1) Hunted by: Meagan Spoonerhunted-arc

     This Beauty and the Beast retelling I started the end of February and I am continuing it March. I am really enjoying it so far and can not wait to keep reading and see what happens next. Oh, I got an ARC at New York City Comic-Con. Hunted will be released March 14, 2017, three days before the Live Action movie of the Disney animated classic.

2) King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyardimages

     Book three of the Red Queen quartet. I finally got my library copy of King’s Cage! I am so excited to jump back into this world and find out what happens next. I am also so excited to read from the other perspectives in this book.

Red Queen Reviews:  Spoiler Free     with Spoilers

Glass Sword Reviews:  Spoiler Free     with Spoilers

3) Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray

ARC Cover

       I picked up this ARC at NYCC because it said that fans of The Lunar Chronicles will enjoy this book. I loved TLC so I said, “yup really want to read this.” Defy the Stars is set in space where a war is going on and Noemi ends up going on this Galaxy adventure with someone that should be her enemy. It really does sound interesting and I can not wait to start reading it. Defy the Stars will be in stores April 4, 2017. Oh! The cover of the actual book is absolutely gorgeous!

Actual cover. How pretty is this! Love it!

4) Sailor Moon Vol. 9unknown-1

    In March I will be continuing reading the Sailor Moon Manga!

5) Peter Pan by J. M BarrieIMG_5580

      I realized that there are a lot of action packed books on my TBR this month. So, I decided to read something a little easier to balance things out a little. That book will be Peter Pan. I have never read Peter Pan so I am really excited to finally get to this book. The review for this book will be part of my Oh My Fairytales section that I have on this blog! So look forward to that.

That is all that I have on my list. Let me know what you are planning on reading this month. 

Until next time book nerds,




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