Beauty and the Beast Trailer Review

On January 30th, 2017 the latest trailer for the Beaty and the Beast live-action movie dropped. Wow, this newest trailer has gotten me even more excited for the movie to be released on March 17th. I talk in detail about the trailer so if you want to watch it first then come back and read the review here is the link –> BATB Trailer

My thoughts:

I really like how just from the trailer you can see that they are keeping a lot of the scenes that are in the animated film. For example: when Belle is fighting the wolfs with the stick, when Chip blows bubbles in the tea, and when Beast and Belle sip from the bowls. As well as keeping a lot of the scenes from the animated film they have added a lot of new as well. I really liked how they explain to Belle about the curse. In the animated film all she knows is that the castle is enchanted, Belle does not know all the details about the curse.They also explain how Belle got the Beast on Phillip after the wolf attack. In this trailer we see Belle tell Beast that she needs him to stand, in the animated film they cut to the Beast already on Phillip having us assume that Belle some how got him on there (which is impossible).I also found it cool how the wardrobe dresses Belle it’s very magical. Lastly, the music being played during the trailer is just amazing. They really did do a great job at updating (if that makes sense) the old songs into something more powerful and moving. The original versions of the songs are amazing and they made the songs new and just as amazing.Oh, I cant forget to mention Gaston! He is just too much admiring himself in the mirror, typical.

Have you seen the new trailer yet? If you have let me know your thoughts! If you have not you can check it out here —> Beauty and the Beast Trailer.

“Wanna see a trick?!”
Belle helps Beast eat in a more human way.
Belle looks away after Beast fights off wolfs and collapses.


Belle fights off wolfs.

Until next time,


Disclaimer: Header image and collages made by using pictures obtained from Google Images and Screen shots of BATB Trailer. 


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