Oh My Fairytales 2: The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen

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Now I know I haven’t done an Oh My Fairytales post in a  looooooong time. Thankfully the wait is over since I have read a The Snow Queen. So here is the deal a few weeks ago Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige was released. Stealing Snow is a Snow Queen retelling so I had to read the original fairy tale before starting Stealing Snow. I wanted to be able to pick out the similarities and differences while reading Stealing Snow. Here are my thoughts…

I want to start by saying that The Snow Queen is not what I expected. I did enjoy it, it was just not what I was imagining it to be about. While readimagesing it, it was fun picking out what influenced the Frozen Arc in Once Upon a Time. Like the whole mirror story line, In TSQ it starts by telling a story about how a hobgoblin created a mirror that when you looked into it all the good and beautiful shrank away and only the bad and ugly stood out. It was cool to find out how the writers of Once Upon A Time came up with the curse of shattered sight. As well as where they got the name Gerda which was taken from the original story. Those are the main similarities that I found reading TSQ. The only thing that I wished was that we got to see more of the Snow Queen. The main story line is about Gerda finding her friend Kay who had gone missing because the Snow Queen took him. I feel that it would have been fun to find out more about the Snow Queen.



To finish this up I want to say that this was a fun quick read that I am glad I read. I also can not wait to read Stealing Snow to see how the original Snow Queen inspired Danielle Paige to write Stealing Snow. Let me know in the comments if you have read TSQ or Stealing Snow and your thoughts on them. Also, what is a fairy tale that you want to read?

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