Pretty Little Liars Review Season 7 Episode 7- Original G’A’ngsters

Hello there,

Here is my review on PLL episode 7. This post will be like the review I did for episode 6, mainly my thoughts on the episode and not stating detail for detail what happened in the episode. Now on to the review.

Original G’A’ngsters 

Important Points: Unknown-1

  1. Spencer gives the liars name necklaces.
  2. Jason returns and tells Mary to leave.
  3. Someone broke into Toby’s house, hurt Yvonne, took Mary Drake’s file.
  4. Ezra suggests that he and Aria elope in Italy.
  5. Hanna sneaks into Jenna’s room to find her laptop and Caleb catches her.
  6. Hanna and Spencer sneak back into Jenna’s room to look in the lockbox. Noel starts to walk in so they hide under the bed. They hear him on the phone asking for a Dr. Cochran then gets really angry.
  7. Spencer urges Toby to get out-of-town with Yvonne because “no one is ever safe in Rosewood”.  images-2
  8. Mary was the one in Aunt Carol’s house when Jason saw Jessica there and she told him to leave.
  9. Hanna tells Caleb that she is no longer with Jordan.
  10. Toby tells Spencer that he started to build the house for her. Then Toby and Spencer say goodbye because Toby and Yvonne are going to move out of Rosewood.
  11. Mary had a second child.
  12. FBI tells Ezra that Nicole might still be alive.
  13. The Liars get locked in Spencer’s car with a timer going down.
  14. AD blows up the storm cellar with all the files, writes “I SEE YOU” in the back of the car.
  15. AD has Aria and Noel’s file and then burns Noel’s.

My Thoughts:images-7

  1. How the hell did that waitress not see that note from Ad on the receipt?
  2. How did that random person by the elevator know that Sara died? It’s one thing if he just said someone was found dead but he knew her name.
  3. Jenna is always trying to get into Toby’s pants! Why does she keep trying? You feel bad for her for one second then she does that.
  4. What happened between Aria and Jason?
  5. That dinner between Ali, Aria, Jason, and Mary was very awkward!
  6. Hanna freaking out in the car when the timer was going down was hilarious! images-12


  1. “Suspicious? To who? You didn’t kill Sara…did you? – Ezra to Aria
  2. “ Hi Emily, I always knew you would never get out of Rosewood.” – Noel
  3. “You know you can turn the lights on. She wont know the difference.” – Hanna to Caleb talking about Jenna.
  4. Hanna: There is nothing here! Emily: Cellars are underground Hanna! – The liars looking for the cellar at Aunt Carol’s.


This was a pretty good episode. A lot of information was found out and a lot of action towards the end of the episode with the liars getting locked in the car the cellar blowing up. With three episodes left before the summer finale I was not convinced that this was the deadliest season since only two characters have been killed off so far. In that aspect I was a little disappointed because they made it seem like there will be a death like almost every episode. That said it does look like this will be one of the most romantic seasons, like it was said it will be.

Until next time liars,


Disclaimer: The pictures on this post I do not own. They were found on Google Images.

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