Pretty Little Liars Review Season 7 Episode 6- Wanted: Dead or Alive

Hello there,

In today’s post I will be reviewing episode 7×6 of Pretty Little Liars. I got really far behind on my reviews so I am going to post the other four episodes I am missing this weekend, hope you don’t mind. I will not be going into full details on what happened in each episode, just some thoughts that I had watching the episodes. Now on to the review! 

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Important Points:Unknown

  1. Ali confronts the Liars about them turning her in to AD to get Hanna back.
  2. Rosewood PD believe there is camera evidence of Archer.
  3. Jenna helped get Archer into Welby and get his new identity.
  4. Caleb and Spencer part ways.
  5. Mary finds out that Charlotte went by Cece Drake.
  6. Aria tells Ezra the truth about what her and the Liars did.
  7. Fake cop with mask attacks Ali in her house.
  8. Ezra proposes to Aria again and she says yes!
  9. Maid finds Sara dead in the tub.
  10. Spencer and Hanna go to Archers grave to see if he is still there.

My thoughts:images

  1. Who is that creepy cop watching Aria and Hanna?
  2. Jenna and her damn flute!
  3. Don’t let that cop in!
  4. Where are you going Sara? Who is at the door?
  5. Why would you go back to Archers grave? And where did they get those shovels?
  6. Who is watching Spencer and Hanna bury Archer back up?


  1. Aria, Hanna and Emily phones ring at the same time…its Spencer. “ We really need to stop group texting each other.” -Aria
  2. Hanna is freaking out because she thinks that Archer is still alive and got out of his grave. “ Hanna you need to stop reading Wikipedia.” -Aria 
  3. Hanna throws ring Aria: Hanna! Hanna: It’s over Aria- But its a diamond!  
  4. Sara to Emily: I’am trying to protect you! I care about you. Me: Yeah right. 


I thought this was a decent episode. We got some important information about Archer and a good amount of Action happened.

Death count after this episode: 2 images-1

Until next time liars,


Disclaimer: The pictures on this post I do not own. They were found on Google Images.

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