Pretty Little Liars: 7×5: Along Comes Mary

Hello there!

This is my review/ thoughts on the fifth episode of PLL. I am going to do this a little differently than my other PLL reviews. This post will be more my thoughts while I was watching the episode, mainly because when I was taking notes for this episode I wrote down mainly my thoughts. Hope you like it!

imgresOkay, let’s start off by saying…what?! Mary is going to stay with Ali in her house? I don’t know if that is a good idea it probably is not. A few minuets into the episode Spencer and Hanna are at the brew and they hear that there was a code 1124 and automatically Spencer knows that this means abandoned vehicle. Why does Spencer know police codes? Did she memorize them when Toby was studying to become a cop? I have a feeling that she knew them before that! lol. Also why were Hanna and Spencer talking about the car with the police right there? I don’t think that is wise. What if someone overheard? I don’t get why all the liars talk about all the illegal stuff they do right in the open. Have they not learned? Apparently not.

Later in the episode the liars find out that Elliot (Archer) knew that Ali didn’t kill Charlotte. When Emily and Aria tell Ali that he knew she didn’t kill Charlotte and they think that when he took her to the woods he was not going to kill her she responds with the best line ever!! “That doesn’t make him any less of an ass!” I think I loved this line so images-1much because it is something that I would say. I feel you Ali the fact that he might not have been taking her to her death doesn’t make the situation any better. In the next scene we see Ali going to an ATM to get out some cash. As soon as I saw her walking to the ATM I thought “All her money is going to be gone isn’t it?” Load and behold I was right. Elliot (Archer) has taken all of Ali’s money now she has nothing.

Another major scene of this episode is when Aria is in Ezra’s apartment working and she hears his phone ringing. Aria picks it up and it says that Nicole is calling  (Ezra’s ex-girlfriend who is presumed to be dead when she was abducted). Emily convinces Aria to not tell Ezra what happened I want to believe that that Em gave Aria good advice but I feel like this will come back to bite Aria in the ass. I honestly wouldn’t know what to do in that situation. Earlier in the episode Emily was running late to take an exam in Hollis. She arrives late and the proctor doesn’t let her into the room. Fast forward to later in the episode Emily gets a message of her grade on the test. In this scene I was thinking who took this test for Emily? If Emily is in that class wouldn’t the professor know what she looks like? So I feel it has to be someone that looks like her to be able to take her test. Wait! I just had a thought! What if someone went with an Emily mask to take her test? Then again then wouldn’t the proctor be like um why are there two of you? So I don’t know lol.

images-3While all this other stuff is happening Spencer is trying to find Caleb to talk to him. She goes to Toby to ask for help. Funniest line coming from Spencer “Help me Toby-Won-Kenobi.” This made me laugh so much, nice play on words Spence! Then one of the most awkward scenes happens, Spencer finds out that her elevator make-out man is a Detective for Rosewood PD. Meanwhile Emily and Aria are checking out Elliot’s “burner apartment”.imgres-1 I love Aria, they try pulling down the murphy bed with no luck, it’s stuck…well until they back away and the bed falls down and something comes out of it. Aria starts yelling “It’s a head! It’s a head!” I don’t blame you Aria it could have been a real head. After some snooping they realize that someone is coming to the apartment, they soon find out it is Toby. They give a lame excuse of how they knew about the apartment then Toby asked them “Did you touch anything?” My face at this point was 😐 do you not know them Toby? Why would they go to the apartment and not touch anything? SMH obviously they did.

In this episode an new friendship is born that is bad news for the liars. Jenna and Sara are starting to form a new found friendship! This is not going to end well. Oh! When Jenna and Sara are talking at the bar Jenna asks for extra cherry’s with her drink. What is her obsession with cherry’s? In earlier seasons she was constantly eating cherry’s. Does this mean something Marlene? Is this a clue for something? lol. Now Ali is speaking to the new detective Marco about new information they have on Elliot (Archer) and they say that he was actually seen on camera buying a train ticket. How can that be? The liars buried him in the woods!

Okay, so the promotion for this episode they said there will be a PLL proposal. Ten minuets left in the episode and I am thinking “when is this proposal happening?!” Then it happens and who is proposing? Ezra to Aria. My thought…”I can deal with this.” images-4At this point there is about two minuets left in the episode so I am watching like “this is going to end without Aria’s answer isn’t it?” You know what? I was right we did not get the answer but I have already seen the latest episode and we have an answer. The last minuet of the episode we see Sara and Jenna having a drink and Noel comes from nowhere! I really want to know what his role is going to be now on the show. Can’t wait to find out!


This was a good episode I did really enjoy it with that cliff hanger of the unanswered proposal I was really excited for the new episode. Oh and that newest episode did not disappoint! Stay tuned for my review of the next episode “Wanted: Dead or Alive”.

Until next time Liars,


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