Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 4: Hit and Run,Run,Run

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Finally my review on the PLL episode Hit and Ru,Run,Run is up! I know it’s super late but I will be trying to most more regularly on here from now on. Hope you like it! On to the review! images-1

Hit and Run,Run,Run starts off with the liars burying Elliot Rollins who they accidentally hit with their car and killed. In this scene I was just thinking “why do you guys always have to cover up things that you do? You really can’t tell the cops? This is so going to end bad.” In the mist of burying Elliot the liars are trying to figure out how to get Ali into Welby before anyone realizes that she is missing. Ali in a daze reaches into the dirt and pulls out Elliott’s ID badge thing. My thought: “How did she know exactly where it was? She had no trouble getting it out!” lol. imgres-2

Later on when Spencer is trying to clean all the mud in the barn, Caleb shows up to talk to her. Little does he know that Hanna is in the barn too listening to Caleb trying to win back Spencer. This scene was just awkward, I do not know Hanna was able to stand there listening to that intimate conversation with her BFF and ex-BF. Especially because it seems like Hanna still has feelings for caleb. By the way I am team Haleb all the way, I am not about this whole Saleb situation. Meanwhile Aria is trying to get Ali back into Welby and when Aria is checking to see if the coast is clear Ali disappears. Me: “Seriously Ali? This is no time to go missing you are on a time crunch!” 


While Aria is trying to get Ali back into Welbe Spencer and Emily are at the Radley waiting for Aria to be done. Spencer has some of the best lines! Emily is leaving the Radley and she tells Spencer “Good luck, Break a leg, I don’t know what to say” Spencer’s response…“How about knock them dead.” Oh Spencer I see what you did there! Later on Spencer is sitting at the bar when a guy starts talking to her. I had seen pictures of the actor and I knew he is the new Detective in Rosewood so when he asked Spencer “What were you doing tonight?” and she responded with “ Burying a body.” My reaction was “ Oh my God she just said that to a cop!” What made it even better is that Spencer said that with a straight face and the detective thought she was just joking…little does he know!


Now Aria and Hanna are looking for the car that they hit Elliot with to torch it.The only problem is that they can’t find it. When Hanna was freaking out and talking about little men that live in trees I was trying to figure out what she was talking about. The little men that live in trees…Kibler Elves ha ha. During Hanna’s freak out she is yelling and I kept saying “why are you yelling? You are brining attention to yourself.” They are in the woods but someone is always in the woods in Rosewood. Then the car comes driving up at this point I am yelling “who is driving the car?” Then Mona hops out of the car!! My reaction “Yes!! Mona for the win! Rolling up with the car fixed!” 

So, Spencer is wasted, Emily has to do Spencer’s part of the plan. Back in the barn Emily says one of my favorite lines of this episode, I am not really sure why I like this line I just do. The line “ why would you go and lose control on the one night you needed it the most?!” Later in the episode the liars and Mona are at the Radley having brunch, I am guessing to look normal but at the same time they are talking about what they had done the night before. Then Jenna comes tapping into the Radley, what I want to know is how Jenna was able to tell Aria’s voice when all Aria said was “shhh”,that is some talent to be imagesable tell by just that. The liars ask Jenna why she is staying at the Radley and Jenna says “didn’t you hear, my house blow up.” When she said this I thought “ they still haven’t rebuilt that house?” Later Jenna is talking to Toby and he mentions that she tried to make amends with him 3 years earlier and that it didn’t go well. I really want to know what happened! We better find out. Back in Welbe Mary Drake goes to visit Ai and she says “I’m in charge now.” Me: “Ummmm what does that mean?!” So, Toby tells the liars that the person they thought was Elliot Rollins isn’t really Elliot Rollins that he died years ago and the person that they knew just took on that identity. My thought is since he is not Dr. Elliot Rollins he was practicing without a license that is a scary thought. At the end of the episode Mona and Hanna are breaking into Elliott’s car to find her bracelet, thankfully they find the bracelet and they end up finding his burner phone! Who was on the phone? None other than Jenna! Why is Jenna always on the other end of trouble?


I thought this was a good episode. A good amount of things happened and I feel that the season is heading in a good direction. Especially after the latest episode. Let me know in the comments what you thought of this episode!

Until next time Liars,


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