Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 3: The Talented Mr. Rollins

Hello there!

Let me start off by saying, WOW what an episode! In this third episode the liars are starting to put things together and then something unexpected happens right at the end. A big shocker that I still can not believe happened. Now lets get into it!

One of the main focuses of this episode was Hanna and what happened to her when she was kidnaped. From the first two episodes we are not sure exactly what happened to her and now we have some answers. Aria walks in on Hanna while she is changing and she sees that Hanna has burn marks on her back. Aria is concerned and asks Hanna if that happened when she was kidnaped, Hanna says she does not want to talk about it. IMG_5844Aria then brings up the subject again while they are trying to get to a farm to dig up some information in Elliot. Aria asks Hanna if she will tell Jordan what happened. Hanna gets very upset and she says that she does not want to talk about it to her, Jordan or anyone. Then she goes on to say that if she does talk about it she wont ever stop crying. I felt so bad for her, Hanna is trying so hard to be strong and continue with life as well as trying to help Ali from her crazy husband, I can not imagine how she is feeling trying to keep it together. Later on in the farm Hanna sees something hanging on a fence and her face looks so broken and scared and she says “that is what he used on me” Aria then says “a cow prong?” IMG_5836At this point I just can not believe that, that is what he used to torture Hanna. If it was Elliot that did this to her he is one very sick person.

Another main focus of this episode was trying to get evidence that Elliot is hurting Ali. They get the idea to go back to Ali’s house and look in the trunk that Aria found in the first episode. So Aria goes back in and gets the key from the light fixture, then she takes photos of all these medications and instruments. Aria gets a text from Spencer that says that Elliot is back so Spencer and Emily stall him. Aria takes more pictures as well as a picture of his credit card statement. Spencer texts Aria “Get Out Now”. Aria rushes to put the key back in the light fixture, but she puts it in the wrong one. I literally yelled “wrong one!” at this point I knew something bad was going to happen and that Elliott will know that they went into his house.

IMG_5840Now a little more on what happened in the farm. Aria and Hanna meet an Amish girl and they find out that Charlotte and Elliot were together. Also that Charlotte gave the girl dolls with the same name as the liars. Now I am thinking “really again with the dolls?” What I am also lost about is when did Charlotte and Elliot date? Was it while she was at the hospital? or before? If it was while she was in the hospital how did he get her out to go to the farm? Let me know if you know because that part I am confused about. While Aria and Hanna are at the farm Spencer figures out that the paper with a list of ingredients are to make latex and that Elliot used it to make the Hanna mask. Then she connected that he used the blue contacts that Aria found and made a Wilden mask to make Ali think she was going crazy! I was yelling “yes Spencer that is correct!” I am actually surprised that she figured all of that out. Usually on PLL the first few guesses they make are completely wrong lol.

IMG_5847Lets rewind a little, Spencer went to find Toby to see if he can get some information on Elliot. As I expected Spencer is greeted by Yvonne, then she drops the bomb. Toby proposed…all I could say was “TOBY, NO!” I was in complete shock. I do not know why but I really do not like Yvonne I just get bad vibes from her. Let me know if you like Yvonne because I sure do not. Spencer leaves with out talking to Toby but later on Emily goes to see him, he agrees to check him out. Then when Toby gets the chance to do some digging he finds out that Elliot Rollins had a moving violation in 1958 obviously this means that “Elliot” assumed a new identity, so who the hell is this person?

IMG_5832Now lets talk about Ali and the end of the episode. In the beginning of the episode Ali tries to escape and she attacks Elliot but she was unable to take him down. Elliot injects her and then put of mask type of thing on her. The liars then go see another doctor and demand him to check on Ali. The doctor finally agrees and also speaks to Elliot, of course Elliot stages everything and it looks like Ali is fine. Fast forward to when Aria leaves Ali’s house Elliot finds the key in the wrong light fixture. Then he goes to the hospital and tells Ali there is a change in plans.He then takes Ali out of the hospital and they are driving somewhere in the woods.

IMG_5837Emily gets a text from Elliot of his pin drop location. The liars are confused as to why he sent that then they get another text from his phone that say “S.O.S.” After this text I knew it was Ali but i thought how did she mange to get his phone without him noticing? Then the liars go to find them. Eventually Ali escapes Elliot and is running from him with him right on her tail. Now I am thinking “oh God the liars are going to hit Ali!” But, I am wrong Ali passes by them and at that moment… BAM!! Hanna who is driving hits Elliot, I screamed “OMG” so loud at this part and I thought, “his dead” then the camera zooms into his bloody face and I say “oh! He is sooooo dead.”

The first episode of this season started with a flash forward of the liars digging in the woods. We all thought who are they burring? Well, the answer is Eliot Rollins actually whoever the hell he truly is. This was such a good episode I really enjoyed it and I think the season is just going to get better. I really did not think that they would kill off Eliot so early in the season. Let me know in the comments what you thought of The Talented Mr. Rollins.


Death Count: 1

7X4 “Hit and Run, Run, Run” Promo

Until next time liars,


Disclaimer: All the pictures on this post I got from the PLL twitter page or the Bustle twitter page.

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