Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 2: Bedlam

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First let me say I know this is super late but better late than never right? Again I want to to say that I am still trying to figure out what to focus on, on these posts so bare with me. Also starting this week the new reviews for each episode will be posted on Thursdays that way I won’t have the pressure of having to post two days in a row. Now on to the review.

In the first few minuets we find out that Hanna is okay and back with the other liars.IMG_5813 I literally let out a breath of relive. I was thinking “oh good, she is okay and back with her friends.” It still kinda annoys me that they did not go to the cops or the hospital. Whoever kidnapped Hanna did some messed up stuff to her and I feel like she needs to get that stuff checked out! Not now but right now. Then when Caleb gives Hanna her ring back she hesitates  to take it. You can see that she is torn about the kiss she had with Caleb, she then says that they only went back there for a minute and that it pretty much did not mean anything. At this point I did the face palm, really Hanna? I thought “ you know that you still have feelings for Caleb get it together.” lol.

Lets talk about Aria, well she breaks up with Liam and it does not go well. Liam ends up seeing Aria and Ezra sitting on a bench and he is not happy. IMG_5818When he has his meeting with Ezra to talk about the book Liam pretty much grills Ezra it was not pretty, I kept thinking “WTH Liam really?” Then Liam takes it to another level and tells Aria that he feels like Ezra pretty much seduced her into their relationship I thought “oh no he did not just go there!” Then Liam asks Aria if she could push a button and undo all the bad things that have happened to her would she. Aria’s answer was really deep, she says no and “I’m me because of what has happened. What I’ve done, and because of who I love.” This was honestly the best answer because even the bad things in your life makes you who you are.


A little more on what Hanna was going through, she has a flash back to when she first met Jordan and then she decides to go back to New York and she is trying to have a do over with him to get back to where they were. I believe she was trying to undo the kiss she had with Caleb because it confused her since she is in love with Jordan but she has this past with Caleb. Then Hanna has a break down and breaks up with Jordan and he is telling her that he would do anything to make her feel better and she just says that she knows he would and that she is sorry. IMG_5814I felt so bad for Jordan, yes I love Haleb but Jordan was such a nice guy. Well at least he seems nice you never with this show!

Now on to Alison who is under the clutches of Dr. Rollins. Alison calls Emily frantic saying that she needs help. When Emily tries to go visit Alison she is told only family can see her which means the only person seeing Ali is Elliott. Eventually Emily comes up with a plan with Mary Drake and they get in to see Ali. Ali is completely out of it and she is getting worse. Elliott walks in and tells them to get out. Emily realizes that there is something odd happening with Mary and Elliott that they need to get Ali away from them. The episode ends with Elliott taking Ali out of the hospital. In this episode they also realized that maybe it is not good that Elliott is Ali’s husband and doctor. Well I could have told them that a long time ago.


All in all this was a good episode but I liked the first episode better. By watching the promo for the third episode it looks like it is only going to get better. So I can not wait to keep watching. What did you think of Bedlam? Comment down below!

Until next time Liars,


Disclaimer: I do not own any of these pictures. They were all found on the PLL official twitter page. @PLLTVSeries 

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