Book Monologue 4: Glass Sword By: Victoria Aveyard

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On todays post I will be discussing Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard with spoilers. So if you have not read Glass Sword yet check out my spoiler free review. If you have read Glass Sword and want to hear my thoughts on the book keep on reading!

Lets start this off by talking about Mare since she is the main character. Mare went through a lot this book since she was still trying to get over Maven betraying her in Red Queen. She had a lot of trouble deciding who to trust, who was being real with her and who was deceiving her. I do not blame her after trusting Maven and finding out that your entire relationship was a lie can not be easy. The only person she believes she can trust is her childhood friend Kilorn, and then the unexpected happens. When trying to break Cal out of barracks 1, Kilorn turns on her and has her imprisoned with Cal. Thankfully that was part of a plan that Mare did not know about and Kilorn did not actually betray Mare. I honestly thought that Kilorn turned his back on her, Cal thought so as well he even says that she has the worst taste in men. At this point it really did look like that and I thought yes Cal you are so right!


On the subject of Kilorn like I said in my Red Queen review it really upset me that Mare treated Kilorn like a child. That is no different in Glass Sword, she is still constantly trying to protect him. This ends up driving them apart when they are looking for the new bloods. They weren’t talking as much and Kilorn kept himself away from the dangers of the new blood search and just stuck to hunting. I love that Cal has to tell Mare “He isn’t a child Mare, You don’t have to protect him anymore.” (pg.291) At this point I kept saying “thank you Cal!” someone needed to tell her that.

One of the points that had me worried about the choices that Mare was making was at the end when they are trying to break out all those people from the jail. Mare ends up killing some silver security even after they had given her what she wanted. They had begged her to stop and told her what she needed to know but she killed them anyway. I know that they are working for the people that are their enemies but all that they were doing was their job. They maybe just as bad as the enemy or they can just be doing what they are told to not get in trouble with King and Queen. I also thought she went too far when she made that video for all the people to see showing the dead Queens body. I know that the Queen was a horrible person but if Mare is trying to come across as the good guy I think that was over the top. By the way, did you see Queen Elara’s death coming? I sure didn’t. When I read that part I had to re read the page before because I thought I missed something!


Let’s talk a little about Maven. Oh Maven, Maven, Maven, he is one sick person. There was not a lot of Maven in this book but when he did come around it was just insane. The more he did the more I thought “oh god he is one sick person.” For one the mark he left on Mare, branding her with an “M” claiming her to be his. Then all the notes, the first one he left in a basket with a dead baby! Then he says “A crude envelope, I know. But necessary.” (pg. 276) Seriously Maven? A baby? That was too much. Then comes the second note, when I read the second note I kept saying “he is such a creep!” It really felt extremely disturbing and all the certainty he had that he would see Mare again was just really creepy.  What I want to know is if Maven truly is this evil and if everything that he had with Mare was acting? I think that there had to be some form of true feeling that he felt for her, I don’t think all of that was fake.

What I really liked about Glass Sword was meeting all the New bloods. It was cool to see all the ability’s that Aveyard came up for these characters. I really liked Ada’s power to be able to remember everything. I have a really bad memory so i think that is an awesome ability, I mean she was also able to learn how to fly a plane in a few days! That is impressive. The one power that scared me was the little boy Luther’s power. He has the ability to kill that is a lot of power for one person especially for a child. Gareth’s ability of controlling gravity and being able to fly is awesome as well. I also loved Nanny she seems like such a sweet lady. IMG_5198Now when Cameron came along I thought she was really annoying but then I realized that she spoke the truth. When she gave that speech about Mare only protecting the New Bloods the new “special” ones and how this is like the silvers all over again. Society not understanding them at first then they became the ones on top. Will this repeat again with the new bloods? This really made me think because people do say that history is doomed to repeat itself. Will the new bloods learn from the past? Or will history repeat itself?

Now onto the end of the book. Lets start with the death that no one saw coming, Shade. In Red Queen for most of the book the reader thinks that he is dead then Aveyard reveals in the Epilogue that in fact he is alive and is a new blood. Then comes Glass Sword and I am thinking “Shade is good now he can’t die.” Then Aveyard blindsides us and kills Shade at the end of Glass Sword! What are you doing to me Aveyard? When I read that scene I was in shock I could not believe what I had just read. Then the surprises kept coming, later in the the book when Mare decides to save the five thousand red soldiers that are being sent to the choke. They are flying over and I thought “okay the book will end by them saving all those kids.” Boy was I wrong! They end up being attacked by who else but Maven. Then the unexpected happens, to save everyone else Mare surrenders herself to Maven. Then comes the epilogue Maven has Mare in a collar and chain they drag her to face all these silvers like this and Maven says, “You put her (Elara) on display…I’ll do the same to you.” (pg. 439) At this point I am thinking “oh god this is not good at all, what is going to happen now?” The last lines of the book are so insane “With one hand, he points at his feet. His fingers are whiter than I remember. I do as he says. I kneel.” (pg.440)

I felt that, that ending was intense and it leaves you thinking about what is Maven going to do with Mare, will the scarlet guard be able to help her and if they do how long will it take? Let me know in the comments what you thought of Glass Sword. Also are you planning on reading the next book Kings Cage? I know I am.

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