April Summary and Coming up in May

Hello there!

Today I will be discussing what bookish things I did in April and what I plan to accomplish in May. I did not read so much in April but I plan on changing that in May. So let us get into it.

What I read in April:  

  1. Everything, Everything by: Nicola Yoon Check out my reviews Spoiler Free, with Spoilers! 

    “The greatest risk is not taking one.”
  2. A Whole New World by: Liz Braswell I am still reading this book but I will be done with it soon. So look out for a review on A Whole New World coming soonish.
“What if Aladdin had never found the lamp?”

Bought Books:

I thought I had only bought one book in April but that is a lie. I got four, but three of them I have already read. I bought the first three books in The Lunar chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I had borrowed the first three books ( Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress ) and bought Winter when it IMG_5192came out so I had to get the other books. I got them used from Better World Books I believe it was called from Amazon. They are used but they are in really good condition and I paid about $22 for all three plus shipping so I say that was a win. Oh, they are all hardcover so it is an ultimate win!

Then I also bought Kill the Boy Band by Goldy Moldavsky. All I know about this book is that a group of fangirls kid nap one of the boy band members from their favorite group. I love the Backstreet Boys so I thought this would be a fun read. IMG_5186


Coming up in May

Going To Read: 

  1. Glass Sword by: Victoria Aveyard the second book in the Red Queen series. I am so excited to dive back into the Red Queen world.
“Kneel or Bleed”

2.   The Heir by: Kiera Cass if this is still available at the library when I go on Wednesday I will picking it up or I will borrow it from my friend. I can not wait to find out what all the characters from The Selection series are up to.

“35 suitors, 1 Princess. A new selection has begun.”

That is it, let me know in the comments what you will be reading in May. I really want to know, I need to learn about more books.

Until next time book nerds,


Disclaimer: I do not own the picture for The Heir. It was found on google images. 

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