Book Monologue 3:Everything, Everything- By: Nicola Yoon

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In this post I will be discussing Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon in more detail. Here I will talk about all the thoughts I had while reading this book with spoilers. If you want a spoiler free review check out mine. If you have read Everything, Everything keep on reading! If not stop here! Spoilers are up ahead.

Like I said in my spoiler free review I really enjoyed reading Everything, Everything. One of the things that I loved about this book was how it was written, it was different from other books that I have read. I really enjoyed the Book reviews that Maddy will write as well as Madeline’s dictionary. I felt that this added to the story for example when it said “ Promise: the lie you want to keep” (pg. 194) it related to what was happening in the story it in a way shows how she is feeling. Maddy’s “Life is Short” book reviews were the best, they were like it says short and to the point. I think my favorite was Lord of the Flies “ Boys and savages” (pg. 34). I also found it hilarious when Maddy says “ Most of the boys are awful and all they talk about is hunting pigs. I’ve never been so hungry for bacon in my life” (pg. 32) best line ever! It was good to see that even though there was so much bad happening in her life she still found ways to be happy.


Even though Maddy found ways to live with the situation she was in, not being able to live like every other person. There were a lot of things that showed how sad she was. One of the things was when she said that sometimes she reads books backwards. At first when I read that I thought it was interesting and that it might be fun to try. Then Maddy explains it further “ In love stories, couples start out as lovers and end as strangers. Coming of age books become stories of losing your way” (pg.162). Then she goes on to say that if her life were a book and you read it backward nothing will change. I thought this was so sad Maddy so badly wanted to have something exciting happen to her, she wanted to live life and experience new things and she couldn’t have that. Later on Maddy takes her life into her own hands and decides to go to Hawaii with Olly. When I read that part I thought “Oh, no! This can not turn out well.”  After being able to experience freedom and life for the first time, it all comes to an end quickly. When I read that black page and read “My. Heart. Stops.” I truly thought she had died but Maddy survived. I was happy to know that she was okay but to Maddy that was a different story. “I’m alive and don’t want to be” (pg. 240) . I felt so bad for her at this point, she had just had this wonderful adventure. She has finally seen part of the world and so quickly it was taken from her and she had to go back to her old life. She was so depressed about this that she ended up shutting Olly out because it was hard for her to go back to the way it was only seeing him from a distance. Maddy so badly wanted things to be the way that it was in Hawaii. Then the truth came out.

Maddy gets an email from the doctor in Hawaii that says she is possibly not sick. She approaches her mother about it and she denies it. Her mother says that she shouldn’t get her hopes up that, that doctor was wrong. When Maddy brings this up to Carla, Carla says that she thinks Maddy’s mother is not well and that she never recovered from losing her husband and son. Maddy then does some investigating of her own and discovers that her mother made up the entire thing. At this point when everything was put out there and the truth came out I felt so sad for Maddy. Maddy went all her life stuck inside, thinking that if she stepped outside she would die. Then to find out that her mother made it up because she was afraid of losing Maddy. I can see why Maddy acted the way she did to her mother. Maddy felt betrayed, her own mother lied to her, her entire life and she needed time to understand what was happening. I can also see why her mother did what she did. I can not imagine what it feels to lose your husband and son in an car accident. I understand why she kept Maddy inside, she had lost two people that she loved in an instant. She did not want to lose Maddy as well.


Now I am going to talk a little about Olly because he was a big part of this book. I thought that it was so cute that Olly would put on little shows for Maddy from his window. He did not even know her but I think he knew she needed some laughter in her life. Not just laughter but a friend. The entire scene with the cake and Maddy says “ Did the cake just commit suicide?”  (pg. 35) was just amazing it made me laugh so much. Also, I can not believe what Olly has had to go though with his father. His father was a horrible person that hurt his family. He was screwed over by his job, but that is no reason to be abusive to your family. I am so glad that Olly finally convinced his mom to leave the dad behind. She was holding on to something that was long gone  (the husband she married).

I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars, just because I wanted a little more interaction at the end. I thought that Everything, Everything was an amazing book that taught me a lot. I can not wait to read more of Nicola Yoon’s writing. Comment down below your favorite part of Everything, Everything.

Random thought while reading Everything, Everything:

Scene: Maddy buys new clothing (pg.102)

  • If I took my mom’s credit card without asking and spent $236.19 I would be dead!
  • Why did she spend so much money on such basic clothing! It wasn’t even anything fancy.

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