Everything, Everything – By: Nicola Yoon -Review

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I precent to you something that has been long a waited (at least for me) a book review! This will be spoiler free so do not fear and read on. This review is on Everything, Everything by: Nicola Yoon which is her debut book. Okay, I want to say this first because I do not want this to happen to anyone. So when I got the book I was admiring how beautiful it was, then I noticed that there is one random black page. I thought “I wonder what is on this page?”, my theory was that, that page marked a point where extras will begin like a Q and A or something like that. I went on to look at the page and boy was I wrong! This page had three words on it and as soon as I read it I wished that I could take it back. Talk about being spoiled! Yes I spoiled myself I thought so thats how its gonna end. While reading the book I kept thinking I know how its gonna end, but I was wrong it did go a different direction. Long story short don’t read that black page you will not be happy with yourself. Now on to the actual review.



After spoiling myself (great job Yari) and then reading Everything, Everything I was so happy that I picked up this book at Books of Wonder. Everything, Everything is about a girl named Madeline who has Severe Combined Immunodeficiency aka SCID, basically she is allergic to the world. Madeline has never left her house and the only human interactions that she has are with her Mother and her Nurse Carla. One day a new family moves in next door a husband, wife, daughter and son and that moment is when everything started to change. Lets talk about the psyical book, I usually do not like to read books that are not marked off by chapters I don’t why I just prefer seeing the chapters labeled ( Chapter 1, Chapter 2 etc.) but this book I had no problems with it. It was such an easy read and I loved all the pictures and charts that were included. Which were illustrated by Nicola Yoon’s husband David Yoon. All the pictures really did help tell the story and I loved how it was included in such a nice way. I also really enjoyed all of Madeline’s book reviews as well as her dictionary. They were a great way for the reader to learn about Madeline and start to understand her I thought that was such a unique way to learn about a character. It also helped to connect to Madeline and understand her emotions and what is going on in her head.


Yoon did a marvelous job at getting the reader to connect with the characters not only with Madeline but with all the characters. When reading I kept getting more invested in these characters and wanting the best for them. What Madeline goes through in this book I can not imagine going through that. I do not want to give anything away but, after certain events happened I felt so much for Madeline. I wanted to be able to hug her and make her feel better. It really made me appreciate life because there is so much that people myself included take for granted and Madeline has been stuck in one place her entire life. We only get one life and we should not waste it. On the dust jacket it says “ The greatest risk is not taking one” and that quote is everything that this book is about. Taking chances and going after our dreams and not being afraid of falling because that is how you learn and grow. You should get everything that you wish for so take a chance and go after it.

I gave Everything, Everything 4 out of 5 stars, only because I wanted a little more at the end. I really recommend this book it will really make you think and re evaluate your priorities. Look out for my review with spoilers coming soon! There were so many things that I wanted to say but could not because it will give out too much detail. Go read Everything, Everything so when I post that you will be able read all the thoughts I had on this book. Comment down below if you have read Everything, Everything and what you thought about it.

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