March Book Haul

Hello there!

On March 20th I went to the NYC Teen Author Festival at Books of Wonder. Which at, a bunch of authors went and signed books. My friend told me about the event so we ended up going and I picked up one book there and got it signed by the amazing author. Later we went to Strand Bookstore since it was near by and I picked up some books there. So continue reading to find out what books I got!

  1. Everything Everything by: Nicola Yoon DSCN1038

I got this book at the Books of Wonder event. Everything Everything is about a girl that is allergic to the world. Madeline has not left her house her entire life and the only people that she interacts with is her mother and Nurse. That is until a new family moves in next door and the boy catches her eye. That is when everything changes. I currently reading this and I am almost done with it. I am loving it so far so look out for a review coming soon! One without spoilers and another with.

2) Alive by: Scott Sigler DSCN1043

Alive is about a girl that finds herself trapped in a coffin. Once she breaks herself free she finds that there are other coffins with people in them now they have to figure out how to get out of there and why they were placed there to begin with. I heard about this book on booktube and thought the plot line sounded interesting so I thought I should pick it up. This is part of a series not sure how many books there will be.

3) Red Rising by: Pierce Brown DSCN1047

This book is set on Mars in the future where the people are separated by castes. Darrow is Red the lowest in the caste system. His wife has been taken from him, the Reds are treated as slaves and Darrow plans on taking down his enemies no matter what it takes. Red Rising is a trilogy, followed by Golden Son then Morning Star. I have been reading a lot of books with female protagonists so I thought I needed a change and read something with a male protagonists. Again I heard about this book on booktube and thought it sounded interesting. Also Pierce Brown is easy on the eyes not that, that has anything to do with the book just thought I would put that out there.

4) Frankenstein by: Mary Shelley DSCN1054

Doctor makes monster…thats all I know ha ha. I have never read Frankenstein and I have been wanting to read more classics so I picked this up. I am thinking of reading this October since monster equals scary and October equals Halloween thought it made sense 🙂 .
5) Cyrano de Bergerac by: Edmond Rostand DSCN1053

This play is about romance. Cyrano is in love with Roxanne but he thinks he is not attractive enough to pursue her so he has someone else serenade her. I read some of this in high school so that is all I remember. Since I was reading this for class senior year we were not able to finish it so hopefully I get to finish it now.

Thats my mini book haul! Hope you enjoyed. Let me know which of these books you have read or which ones you want to read. Also under the social media tab I have linked some of my social media accounts so follow me on those. Thanks!

Until next time book nerds,


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