Something Old, Something New by: Marissa Meyer Review

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Today I will be telling you all about my thoughts on the short story Something Old, Something New from the book Stars Above by: Marissa Meyer. This is a collection of short stories set in the Lunar Chronicles world. Some stories are related to the characters that are in the Lunar Chronicles others are just set in the same world. I only read the story Something Old, Something New before I had to return the book back to the library. In this story we get to see where all our favorite characters are after the events of Winter the forth book in the Lunar Chronicles.

I really did enjoy this story because I really wanted to know how all the characters were. Also I knew there was going to be a wedding and I had to know who got married. I have to say I was a little disappointed on the couple that did get married, mainly because they weren’t my favorite couple. I did love the interactions between all the characters and finding out what they had been up to.

That is the end of non spoilers so if you have not read Something Old, Something New stop here! Otherwise continue reading for my spoiler review.


Let me just say that this story was a great way to finish the series in my opinion. When I started reading it and they were talking about going to Scarlet’s farm in France I was like “oh Scarlet and Wolf are getting married.” Then as I read on I thought “or maybe thats what Marissa wants me to think.” I kept going back and forth on who it was that was getting married.Soon I found out that it was indeed Scarlet and Wolf. Like I said earlier I was a little disappointed that they were the ones that got married, I really thought it was going to be Cinder and Kai. Even though Cinder and Kai didn’t get married they did get engaged by the end of this story so that made me happy. Now on the other characters, I was so happy to see Thorne and Cress again (especially Thorne). I love that they are still making fun of the way Thorne lands and takes off the Rampion. It’s even funnier that he thinks that he has improved in this area.

One of the best scenes was when all the girls were trying to get Scarlet ready for the wedding without her realizing that they were setting up a wedding downstairs, which the guys were decorating for. I also loved all the fake wedding traditions that they were making up to convince Scarlet to put on her dress and completely get her ready for the wedding with out sounding too suspicious. Also the part when the girls hear a crash coming from downstairs, which turned out to be a vase that Throne let fall. I think it was so cute that the guys where having so much fun decorating for the wedding.


Then it was time for the wedding and Kai was officiating it. All the things that he said about Scarlet and Wolf fit so well with Cinder and Kai himself. The entire speech was so adorable it was like he was speaking to Cinder. Then the ending scene when Kai and Cinder were talking about their future was just amazing. When Kai finally asked Cinder to marry him and she says yes made me so happy. I was so glad that they will finally be getting their happily ever after. After everything that they went through they deserve to be happy.

I do wish that we could have seen more of Thorne and Cress. Like what they have been through since Winter ended and what their relationship is like and where it is going. Also with Winter and Jacin I would love to know more about their relationship now that Winter is better. All in all I will give Something Old, Something new 3.5 stars. Just because I wanted to know more about each couple, and see Cinder and Kai get married. In the comments let me know your thoughts on Stars Above. Which was your favorite story? Which was your least favorite? Should I read the rest of stories? Sound off in the comments!

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