Finding Audrey By: Sophie Kinsella :Review

Audrey has gone through a traumatic experience that has left her in a very fragile state. Audrey has social anxiety and to cope with this she stays at home and wears dark glasses because she can’t deal with eye contact. Finding Audrey is about her struggles on how to get better as well as her family and how they are coping with things as well.

When I first picked up this book (thank you to Carleny for letting me borrow it), I did not know what to expect. As soon as the first few pages of meeting Audrey I felt connected to her. The way that she explained her social anxiety I could relate to and I couldn’t wait to see what her journey would be like.

Now let’s talk about her family: her mum Anne is totally over the top with how she handles her family. With Anne’s crazy techniques on how to solve her children’s problems come a lot of hilarious situations. I enjoyed Frank, Audrey’s gamer brother, and his way to get himself out of trouble; he always knows exactly what to say and what to do to stump his mother. Audrey’s father Chris, I loved how he was so much calmer than Anne. I liked how Anne and Chris where opposites of each other (someone needs to be more chilled out with crazy Anne). He was also a little clueless about things that were happening which made for funny conversations. The last member of the family is Audrey’s little bother Felix; I think he was my favorite! Felix is four and just too cute for his own good. The last main character that has a major role in this book is Linus, he is Franks gamer friend and he’s the one that ends up helping Audrey in her journey to get better.


What I really loved about Finding Audrey is how well it was written. I don’t know much about social anxiety and the brain but while reading this I felt like Sophie Kinsella really did her research and painted a very clear picture of what Audrey was going through and why Audrey acted the way that she did. The balance of the serious situations and the funny parts were well done. I also want to mention how brave I thought Audrey was. The techniques that Linus had to use to help Audrey were out of the box and it did help her tremendously on getting better but don’t ask me to do any of that. With that said Audrey did heal herself as well, I loved that she was very determined on getting better and she wanted to get better not only for herself but for her family.

One of my main concerns about the book was that everything would be resolved by the end; that Audrey would be all better and everything would be tied up nicely with a little bow. I was actually glad that it did leave somethings up in the air. It was realistic on how it ended. Not to worry you that it was a sad ending or anything like that, it was just, in so little words, a good ending.

For this being Sophie Kinsella’s first young adult book I believe that she did a fantastic job with it. Also love how now people are hoping on the Sophie Kinsella bandwagon because Sophie is awesome sauce! What took you guys so long?? 🙂

I gave this book 5/5 stars!!

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Also I will be posting a book monologue for Finding AudreyWhich will be more in depth on my thoughts on the book which means SPOILERS! So if you have read Finding Audrey look forward to that. If you have not read it you totally should, you will have a great laugh.

until next time book nerds,

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