Book Monologue 1: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

First thing first: this post is going to have a lot of spoilers; that said if you have not read Red Queen DO NOT read this. You can come back and read this post once you have read Red Queen. If you want to read my spoiler free review CLICK HERE. Now that that is out the of way if you have already read Red Queen continue reading for all my thoughts. Enjoy!


Okay let’s get started! Let’s start with the war that is happening in the book. What exactly are they fighting for? I know they mention that they are fighting other Silvers for food but that’s about all we get on the subject. I really hope that we learn more about this war in the sequel, Glass Sword. I would also like to know more about how this world was created and how the Silvers got their powers. Oh! Was I the only one that felt that they needed a cheat sheet to remember all the different names of all the powers? I still don’t know all of them.

Let’s get into some of the characters. Let’s talk about Shade. Just from that first letter he sent in the beginning of the book I loved Shade. The part where he starts the letter with “Dear family, I am alive. Obviously” (pg.17) made me laugh out loud. Also how he closed the letter “Your favorite son and brother” (pg.17). I was like ‘really, Shade?’ He is too much. Then when we find out that he had died at war I was upset because we hadn’t met him in non-letter form. I was hoping that he would somehow come back but I didn’t know if it would happen. Then, thankfully, at the end, we get to meet Shade!

On to the protagonist, Mare. From the synopsis we know that Mare is a Red and ends up finding out that she has powers, even though she isn’t supposed to have any. What I liked about Mare’s powers is that is does not work the way that you would think. Usually when I have read about characters with magical abilities or in television and movies, what brings out their power is anger. When it comes to Mare when her powers first show up she is very calm. So I thought that was interesting that Aveyard decided to go in that direction, it was different from what I was used to. What annoyed me about Mare was the fact that she kept trying to protect Kilorn. I know why she feels like she has to protect him but he can take care of himself. Helping him just kept causing trouble for herself, especially when they had help the Scarlet Guard escape from the palace. Speaking about the Scarlet Guard, I cannot wait to learn more about them and how they came to be. I would like to also know if there is any more of them that have powers like Mare and Shade.

Now then there are the Princes Cal and Maven. First let me say that as soon as Mare started talking to Cal and he was asking a lot of questions about how she liked living in her town I knew he was the Prince. When it came to who I shipped Mare with it was like a ping pong game. At first I was all team Cal, but then Maven started being all nice and wonderful so I became team Maven. Just when that happened I was not expecting the rug to be pulled right from under me. I did not see that major plot twist coming. Maven was the bad guy! When I was reading that part, I had trouble forming sentences! I kept telling my friend “I don’t know what I am reading! Is this right?” Before starting the book, I knew there was going to be a plot twist at the end but I did not expect that. Something that I picked up was how the quote “Anyone can betray anyone” (pg.245 & 275) kept popping up. So I knew that someone unexpected was going to betray Mare but I really did not see that being Maven. This whole Maven situation was like Frozen happening all over again. Maven being Hans, deceiving us into thinking that he cared.

The Queen and King. Now from the start we knew that the Queen was a horrible person and the King seemed just as awful. After reading the book I realized that the King was not as horrible as I first thought. I think he was more just set in the old ways of how to rule his country, he did not want change. I believe that is why Aveyard did not focus on the King as much, by not seeing him in much dialogue you assume that he is just like the Queen when in reality he isn’t. I think Cal is the same way to a certain extent, like his father he is set on the old way because that is all he knows but he also wants to see change for the Reds.

Really quickly let’s talk about Evangeline. Wow! She was such a mean person. Not only was she horrible with Mare she was also disrespectful with Cal. I felt so bad for him having to be engaged to such a horrible person. One of the things that I found odd about her was at the end when they are at The Bowl of Bones and Mare gets her powers back. Evangeline says “Not a trick. Not a lie.” (pg.372). When I read that I thought ‘did she really believe that Mare actually had no powers and that she was faking them? She experienced Mare’s powers twice how could she think that was fake?’ I am actually excited to learn more about her in the upcoming books in this series. Let’s just talk about how upset I am that they killed Lucas he was such an amazing person I wish we could have seen more of him.

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on Red Queen and if you plan on reading Glass Sword. Which will be released on February 9, 2016. I know I sure will be reading it. Need to know what happens next.

Until next time book nerds,


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